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Poll: Would you want Seattle to host a Super Bowl?

NFL owners will be voting Tuesday on the site of the 2018 Super Bowl.

What your Internet habits say about your politics

If you're looking at Facebook on your computer and listening to music on your phone, it may say something about who you're voting for.

Do you like Echo, Seattle's new Sculpture Park art?

A 46-foot-tall face, Echo, is nearly complete at the Olympic Sculpture Park on Seattle's waterfront.

Study: Old, small buildings are better for cities

Neighborhoods with a mix of older, smaller buildings make for more vibrant, walkable communities with more businesses, nightlife and culture than massive new buildings, according to a new study by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

At home with the Curleys: The punishment should fit the crime

John Curley tries to implement a new punishment technique with his kids. The following is a video account.

Live in studio: Meet the star of 'Searching for Sugarman'

Rodriguez performs "Inner City Blues" off of his first (1969/70) album live in the 97 . 3 KIRO FM studio for Tom Tangney . A new film about a long forgotten folk rocker is causing something of a sensation with its incredible story of secret fame.

5 reasons you should honk your horn more

Seattle drivers are the second least-likely in the nation to say they honk their horn at other drivers. But we also rank fourth-worst for cutting across lanes of traffic without any notice. These are some of the reasons why Seattleites need to honk more.

Poll: Do you play on if someone dies on the golf course?

It's happened in our club at home. When it happens it shakes the other three guys up so badly no matter what they would say ahead of time, that'd they'd keep on playing, they usually come trotting in looking as pale as the guy who has passed on.

John Curley: Big mistake to guarantee Seahawks Richard Sherman so much money

While there's virtually unanimous acclaim for the Seahawks record-setting signing of cornerback Richard Sherman, a seeming lone voice in wilderness says Paul Allen and company shouldn't have been so quick to guarantee Sherman so much money.

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