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Video: Shark attacking swimmer

Video has emerged that appears to show a shark attacking a swimmer off the coast of Southern California on Saturday.

Why people won't speak out against tent cities, homeless

The people of Sammamish want homeless camps, or at least that's what they told the City Council.

A reading of the Declaration of Independence featuring John Curley

During the summer of 2003, Seattle hosted a small touring exhibit featuring an original copy of the Declaration of Independence.

Tom and Curley take show to Sounders World Cup viewing party

Tom and Curley have soccer fever (at least Tom...we're not sure if John is feigning interest or not), so the guys are joining Sounders FC Tuesday for the official Sounders FC World Cup Viewing Party.

One vice is not like the other: Why private liquor sales have stayed flat

You don't need it, but sometimes when you're in line to check out at the grocery store, you're tempted by the rows of candy bars just ahead of the register and you give in: You buy a candy bar. But it's just not the same with a bottle of booze.

A soda designed just for Tom Tangney

Tom shares a very special gift from a Tom & Curley Show listener.

New documentary 'Ivory Tower': Better investment than a pricey college degree?

It's a truth universally acknowledged that college has gotten way too expensive. A new documentary - "Ivory Tower" - sets out to explain how that happened and then looks at how students and their universities are coping.

Seahawks score big with 2014 ESPY nominations

As if winning the Super Bowl wasn't enough, the Seahawks are up for another trophy this year, nominated for more than one ESPY award.

Drones create the ultimate Peeping Tom situation

Spying on the neighbors has reached a new level with the advent of personal drones outfitted with cameras.

Seattle's most liberal zip code is more conservative than Huntsville, AL

The City of Seattle is often touted as a haven for liberals. Often considered one of the most LGBT friendly cities in the U.S. and the first major city to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, it feels liberal.

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