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Did it warm your heart, or frighten you?

The conventional wisdom is that people on the left loved the inaugural address, and people on the right found it ominous, with all that mention of equality.

It wasn't your typical presidential inaugural address

In a speech that typically stays general, President Barack Obama kicked off his second term appealing to the liberal base of his party.

The peaceful transfer of power

Monday's inauguration is a huge affair, but of course the real inauguration - as required by the Constitution, was Sunday at the White House.

Gun Appreciation Day

I know it's Gun Appreciation Day, so I thought I would highlight the part of gun ownership that a lot of people who want to control them don't understand.

Thank you, Lance

Personally I think riding a bike to the point of exhaustion is silly.

NFL hopes dashed? Where the Manti Te'o hoax stops, starts is still a mystery

It's all some kind of hoax, and we're not sure where it ends and where it begins. We don't fully know Manti Te'o's involvement, but now we do know that his girlfriend that died of Leukemia never existed.

Do we want the answer or not?

I didn't realize that the gun lobby had worked to cut government funding for research into gun violence. That seems odd. That would be like car companies trying to prohibit research on air bags.

Despite the hype, numbers show little NBA interest in Seattle

KIRO Radio's Luke Burbank is among the hard core basketball fans who can't wait for the NBA to return to Seattle. But even though there's been plenty of excitement the past week as word of a potential sale of the Sacramento Kings swirled, some new research says the city might not be nearly as much of a basketball hotbed as rabid fans like Luke believe.

A limited confession?

"I can only say I was satisfied by the answers." That's how Oprah describes her Lance Armstrong interview - which a source now describes to CBS as "at least a limited confession."

Lost in translation: Justice Clarence Thomas breaks 7-year silence

Justice Clarence Thomas is famously quiet on the Supreme Court bench. On Monday, he broke seven years of silence, and although no one is 100 percent positive, it was likely to make a joke about his alma mater, Yale.

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