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Dori Monson

Video: Little girl, rottweiler sing together

This rotteweiler's singing voice isn't exactly easy on the ears, but it sure is sweet.

Dori Monson: I have never seen a bigger clown show in Seattle politics

It's been kind of a joke what's been going on with Seattle City Light, but the joking is over now.

Video: This is awkward

Watch this video of lawmakers holding hands and singing together.

Edmonds School District takes fun out of birthdays by banning sugary treats

I loved birthdays in school because whenever a classmate had a birthday, if their parents were any darn good, they'd bring in treats for the whole class, enough for everybody. But this tradition will be no more in the Edmonds School District.

Dori Monson: Washington taxpayers are going to be hit hard by immigration crisis

You've heard about the immigration crisis down on our Mexican border. You've heard about thousands of illegals, many of them children, coming into this country. But what I want you to know about is how much this could cost you as a taxpayer here in Washington state.

Scene from the World Cup

Sounders pre-and-post game host Matt Johnson is in Brazil for the World Cup. He's sent us some photos of some of the sights he's captured so far on his trip.

School board: Don't say he or she, it's 'xe'

"Finally, our schools are doing something important."

Video: Pearl Jam covers 'Let It Go' from 'Frozen'

"Frozen" is the highest-grossing animated film in history and its song, "Let It Go," has spent 29 weeks on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.

This may be the stupidest editorial ever written

The Seattle Times on Thursday exposed quite a scandal. Funny thing... I haven't seen the Times editorial board slam any of their advertisers for doing exactly what Uber does in its ads

Seattle Times sports editor defends decision to omit ‘Redskins' in their publication

The Seattle Times announced Wednesday that "Redskins," the controversial name of Washington D.C.'s NFL team, will no longer appear in their newspaper or on their website.

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