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Pete Carroll on Peyton Manning: There's just no weakness in his game

They may have defeated Denver by a large margin in last year's Super Bowl, but Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll says they don't expect an easy game against Peyton Manning and the Broncos on Sunday.

Mother files complaint against Metro, says driver asked her and crying toddler to leave bus

An upset mother has filed a complaint after she says she was asked to leave a Metro bus because her 2-year-old's tantrum was giving the driver a headache.

Why isn't anyone calling for firing of King County councilman for DUI?

King County Councilman Reagan Dunn has pleaded guilty to driving under the influence over in Kittitas County.

Why you should say no to tax increases: Metro reforms save 150,000 hours of service

Remember a few months ago when Metro came to King County voters and said if you don't raise your taxes, we are going to cut hundreds of thousands of hours of service?

NYC incident an example of why bike lane designs are so horrible

"This is why I don't ride in bike lanes," says a cyclist hit by a car door in this video.

Seattle may fine you for throwing compostable materials in trash

The Seattle City Council is considering an ordinance that could fine businesses and residents if they don't sort out food waste and compostable paper from their trash.

Take a look at this alleged love connection between a local prosecutor and an inmate

A local deputy prosecutor is making headlines for an alleged romance an inmate.

Coach Pete Carroll sees Seahawks like Jimi Hendrix

If the Seahawks made music, what would it sound like? There's been a lot of talk this week comparing the Seattle Seahawks to big names in music.

City attempts to clear up confusion on Seattle's Second Avenue protected bike lane

We knew adjusting to the protected bike lane on 2nd Avenue was going to take a while, but the city didn't do itself any favors with the new traffic lights and signs that came with it. They were causing a lot of confusion so the city has already made a change.

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