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Dori Monson: We have a leadership void in the city of Seattle

We have a real void of leadership in the city of Seattle. Ed Murray is not the guy to be running the city. Did Ed Murray do the right thing today in not granting a raise to Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco? Absolutely. But right now, The Seattle Times and KIRO Radio, seem to be the only ones who are holding the city leaders accountable, because they are not watching out for the taxpayers.

Seattle mayor changes tune, says no raise for City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco

Amidst a growing controversy, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced Wednesday he will not give a raise to Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco.

Why do public officials think they can lie to us?

I've been a watchdog of local government for a couple of decades now. I have never seen a something like what we have now in local politics. What we are seeing is a level of hypocrisy and lying among the people running this city like I have never seen before.

Detectives investigating death of 100-year-old man in SeaTac as homicide

"There is a story in the news today that just broke my heart," says KIRO Radio's Dori Monson. "A 100-year-old man has been found dead in SeaTac and homicide is expected. This is a guy who lived through World War I, World War II, all the history of the last 100 years and they think that homicide is what ended his 100 years on earth."

So...Carrasco lied

I don't blame Carrasco for wanting to get as much money as he possibly could from the city and our tax-and-rate-payers. But for some bizarre reason, he decided to lie about that on KIRO Radio on Friday. We have a real ethical problem here.

Dori Monson: Inflation looming as Washington gas prices soar

Great news gang, we're number four. Washington has the fourth highest gas price in the country. As of this morning we just went above $4 a gallon.

Seeking answers: Did Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco ever ask for a raise?

In an exclusive interview, Seattle City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco told KIRO Radio's Jason Rantz that he didn't ask for a raise. Dori is asking the city if that's true, and if it is why we are giving him a raise.

Video: Dad, daughter duet goes viral

Watch this video of a dad and daughter singing "Let it Go" together.

You be the jury: Who is the bigger jerk?

A cop and a truck driver got into it when the truck driver honked at the officer because he thought he was speeding and on his cell phone.

Listen: Dori Monson's race call at Emerald Downs

KIRO Radio's Dori Monson was on hand at Emerald Downs on Friday. Monson called the fourth race of the night. Take a listen.

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