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Video: Dad, daughter duet goes viral

Watch this video of a dad and daughter singing "Let it Go" together.

You be the jury: Who is the bigger jerk?

A cop and a truck driver got into it when the truck driver honked at the officer because he thought he was speeding and on his cell phone.

Listen: Dori Monson's race call at Emerald Downs

KIRO Radio's Dori Monson was on hand at Emerald Downs on Friday. Monson called the fourth race of the night. Take a listen.

Battle over Seattle's $15 minimum wage turns to boycotts

Backers of a $15 per hour minimum wage in Seattle have launched a boycott of businesses who oppose it in a move KIRO Radio's Dori Monson is fighting to counter with his own "buy-cott."

Poll: Do you approve of the Washington Boater Education Card requirement?

As of now, all people under age 59 driving a boat in the state of Washington must have a Washington Boater Education Card.

Seattle neighbors upset with government project tearing up street twice to avoid fees

A big construction project in north Seattle has neighbors up in arms, because the contractor might tear up the new paving after just ten days, then repave it again - all at taxpayer expense.

Do we need ping pong tables at Westlake Park?

Take a look at what has appeared in downtown Seattle.

Video: Little girl, rottweiler sing together

This rotteweiler's singing voice isn't exactly easy on the ears, but it sure is sweet.

Dori Monson: I have never seen a bigger clown show in Seattle politics

It's been kind of a joke what's been going on with Seattle City Light, but the joking is over now.

Video: This is awkward

Watch this video of lawmakers holding hands and singing together.

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