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Dori Monson

Ultimate hypocrisy: Marijuana is legal, online poker a felony

You can smoke pot legally in Washington state now, but you can't play poker online. And KIRO Radio's Dori Monson calls it the ultimate hypocrisy.

Auburn School District allows religious dagger; 'our schools have gone insane'

The Auburn School District is permitting a boy at Gildo Rey Elementary to bring a dagger to school for religious reasons.

Youth football league hopes to move on from parent brawl

The head of Bothell's youth football association says he hopes the controversy over a brawl between parents from two leagues will soon subside, for the sake of the kids.

Grant County Sheriff addresses unmarked patrol cars

A Grant County man who calls himself a "liberty activist" is making waves with law enforcement after videotaping himself pulling over an unmarked patrol.

Why is WSDOT tweeting about breakfast during Wednesday's horrible commute?

In the midst of one of the worst commutes of the year, WSDOT was tweeting about bagels and cupcakes?

Why punish the kids for out-of-control parents?

Two Seattle-area youth football teams for players 9 and 10 years old have been banned from the playoffs -- not for anything they've done wrong, but because of their parents.

Socialist party defends paying $13 an hour while calling for much higher minimum wage

A leader of Seattle's Freedom Socialist Party is defending the group's search for a new web content manager paying $13 an hour, even though it's fighting for a $20 minimum wage.

Dori's haikus for the 'ramps to nowhere'

If you want to win a piece of SR 520's ramps to nowhere, the state is asking for your haiku submissions. Here are Dori's...

Socialist $15 minimum wage backers offering $13 an hour

Seattle's Freedom Socialist Party has been a leading force behind the effort to increase the minimum wage to $15. So you'd have to figure the group would make sure it pays its own people that much, right? Not so much.

A 'John' tells Dori why new anti-prostitution effort won't work

A 'John,' who admits to frequently hiring prostitutes online, says a new King County effort to target men buying sex is 'fruitless.'

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