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John Curley offers alternative for $15 minimum wage

According to a national study, the income gap in American society is increasing and 4 out of every 5 Americans are near poverty levels. The deep question we must answer is: What is a livable wage? KIRO Radio hosts John Curley and Andrew Walsh give us their insight.

JBLM soldier's dog sold, given away while he was serving overseas

Oakley was a playful yellow lab, and big, but convinced all the same that he was a lap dog.

Seattle pot smokers may face future fines for toking in public

When someone is drinking alcohol on the street, police can cite them for an "open container of alcohol." That's an infraction that winds up costing your around $27.

What if John Curley had a gun when he was mugged?

KIRO Radio host John Curley has been mugged three times and never had a gun. But if he had, he may have done something drastic.

Hunt for Miss Cougar America gets declawed in Seattle

What if they threw a 'cougar' contest and no one came? That's exactly what happened last weekend, when the organizers of Miss Cougar America 2013 came to Seattle in search of the hottest older, single woman and had to cancel it because of a lack of entrants.

TMI? Smart diapers recording, tweeting parents on baby bottom activity

After seeing a video touting the benefits of a new "Smart Diaper" that gives parents a report on baby's health from their - er, movements - KIRO Radio talk host John Curley thought it was a joke.

Forget George Zimmerman -what about all the other unreported killings?

You'd be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't know the names Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. But have you ever heard of Eddie Doeum? The fact you likely haven't has KIRO Radio's John Curley and Andrew Walsh fired up.

Why robots could soon replace fast food workers demanding higher minimum wage

If Seattle fast workers demanding a big raise in the minimum wage get their way, they'll soon be replaced by robots says KIRO Radio's John Curley, who points to growing automation as a warning to those who want $15 an hour or more to flip burgers.

Tons of chickens being abandoned at animal shelters

Aging chickens may be clucking out to you on your next trip to an animal shelter. The birds are reportedly being dropped off in record numbers as urban farmers are faced with the reality of caring for an animal that may live years past when it stops producing eggs.

New city ordinance lets authorities fine parents of bullies

Should parents be held responsible for their kid's bad behavior?

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