Raining Cats & Dogs

Pet Tips: Thanksgiving

The bounty of rich, tempting foods at Thanksgiving can pose health hazards to our four-legged friends, making Thanksgiving a busy time for emergency veterinary clinics.

Pet of the week: Reggie

Reggie is a 2-year-old black and white Chihuahua mix who's ready to go, go, go! He's a little package of sweetness and he adores people. Keep your eyes out - he loves to jump and give kisses! Adopt this pint-sized cutie today at the Seattle Humane Society.

Pet tips: Clicker training cats

Cats may truly be the smartest animals. They are so intelligent that they have convinced many people that they are totally untrainable.

Pet of the week: Mischa

Meet Mischa, an 8-year-old torbie girl! Delightfully plump, she'll greet you with a look from her light green eyes and an adorable waddle.

Pet tips: How to prevent fleas

Fleas are always present in the Northwest because of our temperate climate. They can cause a variety of ailments to our pets and great discomfort to humans, not to mention time, stress and money! Year-round protection is essential in preventing a flea infestation.

Pet of the week: Stevie

Stevie is a 10-year-old Airedale Terrier/Labrador Retriever mix whose gray muzzle has nothing on her athleticism and zest for life.

Pet of the week: Fenster

This silly boy is just a pup - a 3-month-old Chihuahua mix whose butterscotch fur and adorable grin are almost too cute for words.

Pet of the week: Rachel

Meet Rachel, an 11-year-old Terrier/Pit Bull mix. She has a gorgeous golden brindle coat.

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