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  • #1675 - The Man Behind The Music

    After spending the week talking about Magic! TBTL goes to the ultimate source of terrible, weirdly catchy songs... the guy who wrote those 'Free Credit Report dot Com' jingles.
  • #1674 - Andrew's Mystery Cassette.

    Andrew finds an old cassette tape in the studio and decides to play it live on-air, and Luke gets into some hot water over his comments regarding the Police (the band, not law enforcement).
  • #1673 - Why You Gotta Be So Rude?

    Luke and Andrew descend into a rabbit hole over America's Current #1 song, which is horrible. And also discuss horribly good TV and horribly silly sports reporting. Plus Mike Pesca on the "No Angel" controversy.
  • #1672 - On Our Media

    Luke and Andrew discuss the outrage over a New York Times article about Michael Brown, and read old "Hagar The Horrible" comics live on the air, you know, like you do on a radio show.
  • #1671 - Don't Pee There.

    Luke and Sean discuss the do's and don'ts of going #1. Also, Megan Kelso weighs in on what makes a compelling comic.
  • #1670 - Andrew The Joke Thief

    Andrew comes clean about a joke he stole from one of his co-workers and presented on TBTL as an original thought.
  • #1669 - The TRUMPF of podcast episodes.

    Andrew comes up with a new Gold Standard for describing things & Luke thinks dogs these days are spoiled.
TBTL Backyard Picnic
When: Thursday, August 28, 6:30pm to 9pm
Where: Chateau Ste. Michelle lawn | Map
What: It's down home potluck style, so bring a dish to share with your Tens friends. Well behaved and leashed dogs are welcome. There will be lawn games and, of course, TBTL.

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  • Luke Burbank: Host
    Luke Burbank has seen a million faces and he's rocked most of them.
  • Andrew Walsh
    Andrew might have tacos when he goes home. He's not quite sure yet.
  • Jen Andrews
    Dislikes: Long walks on the beach
  • Sean DeTore
    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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