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  • #1713 - Self Made Hell

    Luke is suspected of trying to steal a bike, Slate's Dahlia Lithwick stops by to help with a "One and A Half Men" segment regarding Rene Zellweger's face, and Andrew discusses the Best and Worst of Guns & Roses.
  • #1712 - Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Podcast

    Andrew meets "Buster" from Arrested Development, which spawns a conversation about children's books, Pumpkin Festivals Gone Wrong, and Football Despair.
  • #1711 - And Good Luke To All

    Two shows in one! First Luke and Andrew answer your letters. Then they host the latest installment of the Budweiser Michelada Hot Seat Show.
  • #1710 - Pruno, Ranked.

    TBTL's Newest Blogger, and Oldest Friend Mike Frizzell stops by to discuss Clip-Clopping, Papa John, and why pruno is actually tough to make in Federal Prison.
  • #1709 - Big Messy Globs of Words

    Luke finds "Gamergate" and "All About That Bassgate" and every other "gate" exhausting. Andrew is just trying to figure out if he's nauseous or nauseated.
  • #1708 - Canadian Robot Infiltrates US Game Show

    Luke and Andrew discuss what exactly constitutes wheat bread, trade their would-be Jeopardy anecdotes, and assail the German Education System.
  • #1707- Kim Jong Un, Demystified then Remystified

    Jen "Flash" Andrews stops by to update Luke and Andrew on the possible whereabouts of Kim Jong Un, and also, share a racy story of "honoring" a Heroic US Military Veteran.

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  • Luke Burbank: Host
    Luke Burbank has seen a million faces and he's rocked most of them.
  • Andrew Walsh
    Andrew might have tacos when he goes home. He's not quite sure yet.
  • Jen Andrews
    Dislikes: Long walks on the beach
  • Sean DeTore
    Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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