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Wedge said Figgins handled himself well this year
Mariners manager Eric Wedge reacted to comments Chone Figgins made about his role in Seattle.
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  • Ernie in the East wrote...
    why is he still here?
    There's been no trade value in him since he arrived, so that's not at stake here. He should have been cut loose long before now. It's great that he has shown up and has done what's he's supposed to do, that's part of what he gets paid for. It's past time to sever this relationship. Figgins + Mariners = failure. That's too bad, but it is what it is. Let's move on.
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  • Stevil wrote...
    You're wrong. There was still trade value after his first season here. That's what makes the situation worse! They had an opportunity to bail and passed on it. The Oakland A's were reported to be very interested in acquiring him. The rest of your comment is spot-on.
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  • Louise Starin wrote...
    He said he can't take two more years.. what the!! the bench isn't soft enough for him??? he has done nothing to help..the "M"s..
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    I agree with Ernie
    No point in keeping him around, we've tried everything. Cut the loss.
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  • Bellinghamspence wrote...
    Wish I had that deal
    still gets paid for being crappy.
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  • SandlotSam wrote...
    Figgins still doesn't get it. In his mind he was kidnapped from the Angels, forced to join the Mariners at gun point, and forced to play for no pay. Dude must think he's Patty Hearst.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Why wasn't DFA.....
    ...ever considered? Is swallowing $9 million just a matter of pride only?? This is why the FO can be more than just exasperating!
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  • Fluffycat wrote...
    Chone Figgins a worthless sack of sheeit. I hope he got a splinter in his ess from riding the pine all season. I went to spring training and he was as worthless then as he is now. Oh poor choonie; he's getting paid $9 million a year for doing NOTHING (even when he's playing he does nothing) and he says HE can't take it? Think of the poor fans who have to see this waste of time and money, and management who has to pay him. I hope they make him come to the park, suit up, and sit on the bench every day next season.
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  • Stevil wrote...
    If he was cut before this season, they would have been eating $18mil, and run the risk of the vesting option kicking in if he picked up with another team and has 600 PA's in his final year (next year), which would cost the team another 9 million. I may be mistaken with how that option works, and if that's the case, someone feel free to correct me. But I believe I interpreted that correctly. It still doesn't justify keeping him around. It's a pretty safe bet he wont reach 600 PA's, even with the Astros. Point is, it's likely he was kept around in hope that he could put together a couple months of decent baseball and be traded, along with a little paranoia over a "what if?".
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  • Fluffycat wrote...
    Hi clevesside!
    What's a PA? I can't understand your comment (which I would probably agree with) about that, so can you (or anyone) explain about PA's? I'd also like to add that I think Erik Wedge is a real class act in the way he responded to Chooone's complaining.
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