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Wilson leads Seattle past Patriots 24-23
Tom Brady and the best offense in the NFL got upstaged by an undersized rookie.
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    receiving core is difference
    Having Baldwin back and having Miller, Rice etc., a little healthier is making a huge difference. The receivers kept fighting after the scramble... nice improvements.
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  • Toughact52 wrote...
    Red Zone Defense Key's Victory....
    The BEST DEFENSE in the NFL SHUT DOWN the best Offense in side the RED ZONE time & time again! No luck involved here, just hard work, talent & Great LEADERSHIP!Kudo's to everyone that strapped it up today. Hopefully now, the Russell Wilson haters will see the light and support him. Bring on the 49er's! I said it before the season started. The better OFFENSE will WIN this Division. I like are chances...
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  • Hakuzen wrote...
    Receivers had a great game
    Wilson is an elite QB as long as he gets ample opportunity to throw outside of the pocket. New England letting him escape so often was the key to this victory. GO HAWKS!!!
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    Are people still whining about wanting Flynn to play?
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  • Godhed wrote...
    Yeah, I has one of those guys...
    that thought Wilson was not ready. We have a excellent defense now, why wait to develop a rookie qb. Maybe now is our time. It's a no brainer, start the 6ft plus 11mil qb. But... I don't know what to think now.
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  • ron prevost wrote...
    Never a doubt (?)
    Wilson's learning experience is coming along faster than I thought. .. And this year in the NFL ???????


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  • John E wrote...
    Wilson is now the more experienced QB
    6 games started vs Flynn's 2 starts and 4 games total. 4 years practice and watching on the sidelines does not make you a veteran. Game time action does. Wilson will be the "vet" by the end of the year.
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  • diverphil wrote...
    Where are all the Wilson hater's?!?!
    C'mon, you guys know who you are. The armchair quarterbacks who seem to think they know more than Pete. What do you have say now?
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  • cdbtx wrote...
    Did I say Sweet?

    What an exciting game...

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  • Newton wrote...
    What a Game!.
    A win does make all the things that did not go the Seahawks way a whole lot better. Ryans missed punt for one. They the Patriots knew the Marshawn/tom cable plays really well. Darrell Bevells much improved play calling for Russell Wilson. Pete said it best these guys can hang tough. They sure did. I'm still in shock abit that THE OFFENSE made such great show of the game. I could not ask for more and the Defense to close the curtain on this huge game was a real Team effort. Now its onto the 49ers. I would like to hold onto this win much longer before the next game. Next Thursday the 49ers. Go Seahawks
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  • rational wrote...
    What a fun game
    Nearly 300 yds and 3 TDs...pretty darn impressive.

    Only thing I wondered about is why didn't they have a tall corner covering the big TE when he was out on the wing for a corner fade pass?

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