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NOLA, Indy, Minny make cut for 2018 Super Bowl
The 2018 Super Bowl could be headed back to a recent host city. Or to one that hasn't staged the game in more than two decades.
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  • dadling wrote...
    The No Fun League is here !
    In their unbridled attempt at Political Correctness, the NFL is just about ready to turn the league into the pansy touch football league...not only will they end up destroying the game, but, their own business as well...soon the millions they bring in , will be people stop going to the games.....too bad!!
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    What you are seeing...
    Is the dismantling of the sport so many in this country have come to love. These idiots in charge are reacting in such a knee jerking way that they are going to slowly ruin this game.

    Player protection is important, but LET US NOT FORGET WHY THIS GAME IS LOVED... for the high impact, high destruction in which is created. What do you think would happen to Nascar if they gave them a speed limit of 75 mph, as to lessen the chance for crashes and fatalities?

    This is just another example of reactionary idiots who are more concerned with the lawsuits pending then actual real practicality and the players involved. Thanks, NFL... I guess you have no problem watching your product get less and less interesting.

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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    More changes in the works
    I hear by 2015 they are eliminating the kick off and punt returns. The ball will be placed wherever the receiving team catches it, with no chance of any return.

    By 2017 the league is set to adopt a speed limit for all players. Any player, offense or defense who breaks the limit will be penalised 2 yards for every yard they ran above the limit set. The rules committee is working on an appropriate limit as we post. The officials will all be carrying lap tops and laser guns to calculate the yards differential for both teams.

    And you all thought this helmet rule was nuts. Wait till 2020...

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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    Sad day for football fans
    One more giant step towards systematically ruining the game. As if it wasn't bad enough already.
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