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Seattle releases WR Sidney Rice, DE Red Bryant
Wide receiver Sidney Rice and defensive end Red Bryant were released by the Seattle Seahawks on Friday, giving the Super Bowl champions additional salary cap space as free agency approaches.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Defensive line a priority
    I am glad that John Schneider and Pete Carroll have made the defensive line a priority. That was not always the case with Mike Holmgren and company.
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  • SeahawkInKorea wrote...
    Any QB
    coming to seattle knows he has absolutely no chance of playing. So, Quinn is OK with sitting on the bench and doesn't have a problem with not playing. Exactly what kind of person did we get?
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  • *logos* wrote...
    A backup QB?
    I mean, you kinda need one of those... Isn't this thread about Schofield?
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  • taxexpert wrote...
    More excellent management by the Hawks Brass
    Great to see. I never want to see a 4th quarter like we saw in Atlanta with virtually no pass rush and Irvin getting steamrolled on 1st and 2nd downs.
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  • hawhetton wrote...
    Young guys need to step up
    For our defense to do better in 2013, we need our DT to step up especially in pass rushing downs. Imagine if we had just 1/10 of the dominance that we had when Tez was there. Finding another Tez is once in a generation, but if we can find a few guys who can provide QB pressure, it will go a long way in creating more turnovers. I think McDonald, McDaniel and perhaps a guy or two in the draft could be an answer.
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  • *logos* wrote...
    Is McDonald?
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  • 206Hawk wrote...
    our defense will be #1
    Our d line will be better. We have a chance or potential to have 4 defensive linemen to go over double digit sacks. Clemons, irvin, avril and bennett. All had 8 or 9 sacks. Clemons had 11. Move bennett into the dt spot next to mebane. You'll have red Bryant, bennett, mebane and either clemons, irvin or avril in roatation for de. Our Defensive line is stacked. Find a way to get hem all onto the field. Then from there your Making our defensive backs that much better. Sherm, bambam, browner and earl and maybe winfield? Our defense will be the best along with our two young good linebackers. Maybe draft another and have the best defense for the next at least 5 years. Defensive backs rely on defensive lineman and vice versa to have dominace at both ends? And solid linebacker play? Yeah.. eff the 40winers. There weak. All they had over us was a good d line. They have no secondary. But we have matched and so foth passed them up on defense. Were younger, bigger, faster and believe. Don't get me started on the offense..
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  • EC Henry wrote...
    Bad signing: Brady Quinn SUCKS!
    We need a capable back-up quarterback, not one that has proven he can't do a darn thing on the field. Bad signing. Waste of money.
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  • Shane_Fudge wrote...
    Bad Sighing?
    Brady is a fine back up. But also its him and Tarvaris competing for the back-up spot. Tarvaris can play as we've seen in 2011.
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  • WShadow206 wrote...
    I hope he's RELATED to
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  • JDrewsy wrote...
    Great Pick Up!
    I thought JS and PC would jump at this! O'Brien Schofield can jump right in there and play a very solid SAM for us. He is a great linebacker. I am surprised Arizona let him go!
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