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Don't expect Seahawks' third-down issues to linger
Even though the Seahawks struggled to get off the field against the Lions on Sunday, I entirely reject the notion that third down is a problem and write it off as pure happenstance.
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  • Seahawks314 wrote...
    Nailed it.
    Seems that way on 3rd and long for me anyway. I had gotten over my cold sweats and vertigo on 3rd downs when the Seahawk defense was on the field. The doctor had helped me out quite a bit. But then the game in Detroit comes along and that sent me back. I regressed and the cold sweats and vertigo are back. My doc is depressed now too. But we are hoping and counting on the Vikings game to make it all better. Thanks to Dave Wyman, Stanford guy, for his article.
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  • Andrew Farhat wrote...
    Dolphins and Steelers Have Better Offense
    Wyman points out that the Steelers and Dolphins are also doing poorly on 3rd dow but still winning. The difference between us and them is they are also ranked higher then us in their passing game. With our run first, ball control, game management, limited possessions offense, getting off the field on 3rd down is more critical then for other teams. Our offense is not designed to score quickly.
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  • Hawkin wrote...
    Now I have to
    reprogram the TV to show 3rd down.
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  • Cbrew wrote...
    It's not a big mystery really... Just look at the film
    In 3rd and long situations, we generally drop back in zone coverage. On 3rd down we generally pressure less and rely on pass defense, Our secondary is great, they are not the problem but on 3rd and long we have to rely on our young LB's to drop back into zone coverage as well and take away the short/medium routes... unfortunately despite being GREAT tackling LB's both Wagner and KJ are not that good at defending passes, they are often out of position, if you watch some of the game film you'll see that on 3rd down situations our LB's will drop too far back in coverage I.E. behind the 1st down marker... they try to tackle after the ball is caught, they don't try to break up passes. That's fine unless you're giving them too much room and they can juke you once they have the ball, this is why the checkdowns are so effective against us... Also watch the footage and you'll see KJ or Bobby Wagner repeatedly miss the TE or LB coming out of the backfield, they're supposed to pick them up as they come out of the backfield but often times they don't... It's all coachable issues and yes LB's aren't supposed to be GREAT at defending the pass but if they improve it will improve our 3rd down defense and stop us from having all of those check downs that end up being big gainers.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    A Big Play game at home is overdue....
    ... and execution is crucial to getting past 3rd down issues. Mr. Stanford is right, so a tip of the helmet due then and a nudge at the alluring schedule, for the next 2 games at the CLInk. No one would think a defense as highly rated as ours would extend a letdown into consecutive games. Would Pete allow that?! Each game has its own personality, thats the beauty of pro football. I'd expect a low-scoring, defense dogfight in the windy, filthy rain, highlighted (in the highest hope) by Seahawk Big Plays. Even if it means li'l guy Red Bryant can score again!
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