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Dynamic Russell Wilson showing he can do it all
Russell Wilson tied a career-high with three touchdown passes in Sunday's win over Minnesota, but what the stats don't show is his multi-faceted skill set that fits perfectly within the Seahawks' gameplan.
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  • joeypk07 wrote...
    Go Sagehens... I Mean Hawks
    What time is the Russell Wilson worship ceremony this week? Wow did he put Ponder to shame -- now if we could just shore up that run defense.
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  • diverphil wrote...
    Where are all the Wilson hater's?!?!
    C'mon you guys. Your letting me down. That's ok... Your not real Seahawk fans anyway. GO HAWKS!!! Nice win today. Can't wait for his post game press conference to here all his cliches.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    They controlled the last 5 minutes....
    .... and ended up in the red zone to end the game. How perfect is that??!! Only blemish, if there is one, was the personal foul in the 2ndary on BBrowner. You know he'd love to take it back....again. A great game that showed the Vikes had it easy up to now. Ready for the Jets and Rex.
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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    One other blemish....
    Another blemish on the game (not the Hawks) was that frustrating inability for the refs to fix their screwups when they like the Vikings keep that 3 point kick that was snapped long after the play clock ran out. Luckily, that was not a game changer this time, but boy it could have cost someone a game because they aren't paying attention. Ooh, maybe we can all go out and crab about it like the Packers did when they got a call they didn't like. Guess they won't see and understand that not all calls are perfect and what we want. We just have to find a way to work through it. And this week the Hawks worked through it perfectly. What a great game!
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  • Bellinghamspence wrote...
    Good Game for Seahawks
    Liked the QB keeper that was run and Russell knew when to slide to avoid any hit. Defense was the concern. Saw Earl Thomas flying around at AD's legs and other hits, but never saw or heard a Kam Chancellor sighting. Hope that is discussed on Monday. Good posting Mike Salk.
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  • Doristinks wrote...
    Good win, offense looks light years ahead of what they were last year. I actually feel confident when we have the ball now. Defense played well for the most part....but for some reason we did not tackle well. I'm sure they'll focus on that this week in practice. Hope we can put everything together next week and go into the bye feeling confident.
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    The Flynn backers don't really have much to talk about anymore.
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  • michael_matherne wrote...
    I have a friend who is still calling for Flynn, and it is absolutely infuriating. Wilson flat out beat Flynn in the preseason and he continues to win the job each and every week. If you can't see the improvement RW has made in just nine career games you haven't been paying attention.
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  • Nickatnyt wrote...
    I think the Wilson sports gear company should step up and sign this guy. Plaster his mug on a volleyball...who cares! He is a blast to watch.
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    After watching Wilson's Senior season with the Badgers and his pre-season with the Seahawks
    I was CONVINCED that Wilson should be the Seahawks starting QB. The unknown part of the equation was whether or not Pete had big enough balls to bench a highly paid acquisition (Flynn). Well, Pete proved he's sporting big brass balls.

    I'm still anticipating at least 10 wins. 11 would not surprise me.

    Does Wilson have a legitimate shot at NFL Offensive Rookie of The Year? I am not familiar with the metrics that decide that accolade, but I think that Seattle will have a more successful season than the other rookie QB'd teams. For me, THAT should be the deciding metric.

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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    Kudos to Wilson
    What I really love about Wilson is his work ethic and his potential to grow and learn. I thought is was interesting for them to talk about his "predecessor" only going in to do QB work on the required Tuesday and they have to kick Wilson out of the building because he is always there working to improve his game. He is a humble QB that is so team oriented and I hope to continue watching him start for us and grow into a Brady, Manning, etc. So glad to have him in Seattle!
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  • manninkt wrote...
    No Offensive Rookie of the Year for Russell Wilson
    I would love for Wilson to win the award but it's probably the toughest class to vote for in decades. I'm thinking it's going to either Doug Martin, Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck as the top canidates.
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  • Mocorro wrote...
    MR. WILSON !!!!!I
    If Russell Wilson keeps his game in a high level, Playing smart, and be a great field General for the Hawks, Russell Wilson has the better chance out of all the rookies to have a winning resume, and a better chance to go further in the regular season, and possibly the playoffs, The reason being, He has a great running game, and not to mention one of the better defenses in the league. Hard work pays off anywhere, In life, and Career. There is no question that Russell Wilson is obsess with winning, and being successful in sports, and in his life outside of Football. This may sound crazy? I think that we could get in the playoffs, and advance all the way to the Super Bowl and win the Lombardi trophy.
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    Willllsonnn!!! If you're crazy Mocorro, then so am I:
    I espoused the notion of the Seahawks winning the Super Bowl about 37 seconds after John Schneider drafted Russell Wilson!

    Wilson is a football Terminator. He is programmed for success. He cannot defy his programming. I ask all fans: How many bone-headed plays has Wilson made over the course of 8 games? Maybe 8? No! Fewer than that. Russell has displayed an innate comprehension of the game. Wilson has progressed from Ensign to Lieutenant over 8 games. By game 16 I believe that Wilson will have achieved Command status. Captain, perhaps? He is a diamond in the rough; and the opposing NFL teams had better get prepared for a Seahawks JUGGERNAUT during the course of the next several years.

    T-Jack would have made at least 40 bone-headed plays during the aforementioned 8 game time frame. AND he would most likely possess ZERO fourth quarter touchdown drives. Pete has a plan. That plan is coming to fruition. Enjoy the ride! I love watching the maturation process of the offense! It's flourishing EXACTLY as I deduced it would; over time, through familiarity and repetition.

    Go! Seahawks!

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  • Mike17Will wrote...
    Agreed for the most part
    The only part I don't agree with about this is the statement that Wilson's had three "great" weeks in a row. I don't care about all the drops, you can't have a game like that against the 49ers and call it great. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't even just good. Other then that, he looked great on the road last week and continued his great play at home. Can't wait to go to the game next week and see him in person for the first time since the MNF game. Go Hawks!
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