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Washington State suspends star WR Wilson
Washington State star receiver Marquess Wilson was suspended on Monday for an unspecified violation of team rules, and will miss Saturday's game against No. 17 UCLA.
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  • southi5 wrote...
    Complete rebuild going on over there, hope it works for the Cougs, if not it will be a long few years in Pullman.
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  • wheatfarmer wrote...
    He is a prima donna
    He will be the next T.O. or Chad Ochocinco. Talented but very difficult. Hopes he gows up and soon.
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  • William P wrote...
    According to Webster's
    the definition of dysfunctional is "Cougar Football". Only to wonder if it is the players or the coach; lots of smoke in the polouse with players being surrounded and chastised by coaches during halftime during the Utah game, other players disenfranchised enough to call former coach Wulff in order to sound him out, and 18 players quitting since Leach took over last year.
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  • Lonestar wrote...
    Wilson is lucky
    That Leach didn't lock him up in the tool shed.
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