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Seahawks use Lynch, strong finish to snap skid
Pete Carroll said Sunday was a textbook example of how he wants the Seattle Seahawks to close out games.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Pete Need abit more Offense.
    Would like to see Russell Start throwing strikes with no drops at a better clip. Run game looks good except the run play that does not include a blocker up front.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Our Hawks scored 30 points. We all want a bit more offense... but come on. Plus... obviously the drops aren't on Russell, so while it something that this team needs to improve on it isn't something I'm too worried about. Wilson is getting better each week, and I honestly feel that the Jets game he'll be having a fun time showing the world who he is.
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  • Newton wrote...
    I know. I like to Win!.... I want them to have an edge.
    Razor sharp. An Edge to walk on the field and score on any team. Russell has that edge with that classy looking style he has. One way to keep that edge is, no alcohol none during the 16 game season. Play hard and Stay Healthy. Prepare for away games by just getting up three hours earlier then normal during that one week to prepare for. If they can come together and get that razors edge they really could be just Wild to Watch.
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    Lynch.... the beast..
    What great grab. I hope he stays healthy for the next few years. He is so much fun to watch. This guys has a huge heart. What a great running back. Go Hawks!!
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