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Leach denies that players are abused
Washington State football coach Mike Leach denied his players are subjected to any type of abuse, as alleged by star receiver Marquess Wilson.
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  • Ted Bundi wrote...
    Wahh Wahh Wahhh
    Wait till you get to the real world buddy...
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  • cidewayz wrote...
    You now have a REP!
    not a good one. You were suppose to be a leader; someone others could look to for leadership. You failed. Now the rest of the team can see you for what you are not...a leader. Thanks Mike for getting rid of waste and negetivity. Let WSU rise up from here on out.
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  • murr wrote...
    Its always abuse when you dont get your way, or handed to you.
    Just ask the entilted society when they dont get their way. Just search up the word abuse in the news headlines. Just saying
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  • Old Timer wrote...
    Wilson says he has quit Washington State team
    Good Riddance!
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  • John wrote...
    Just consider maybe Wilson is telling the truth.
    Then approach it that way. Just think, everyone thought Jerry Sandusky would never abuse anyone. Now there is no doubt.
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  • Hectic wrote...
    Who's right?
    Who should we believe? A first year coach with a losing record, or a 3rd year star athlete with an amazing record? I'll go with the winner every time. I guarantee the coach won't be back next season. Alumni,(myself included) don't give money to teams with coaches who run off their best players. That's some seriously bad coaching.
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  • Shplunker wrote...
    you've Coug'd it here I'm afraid to say. Wilson may be a good player (He put up good receiving numbers on a horrible team that had to pass almost every down for 2 years) - but he wasn't a team player or leader for certain. Just look at the players that have stepped in ... putting up great numbers also. His attitude and body language were obvious from day 1...that he didn't like not being the pampered star. I say See Ya...bring me guys who want to be team players. I'd bet you a WHOLE bunch Leach is not only back next year, but has a great recruiting class to go with him.
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