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Huskies know they're bowl bound, but which 1?
Getting back to a bowl game for the third straight season looked tenuous when Washington was sliding through a three-game losing streak a month ago.
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  • grow up/get real wrote...
    Forget about a Bowl for now. . .
    The Dawgs need to focus all energy on winning the two remaining Pac-12 games, both on a road. If they can do that, THEN enjoy a 8-4 season and be happy to take whatever Bowl they get.
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  • SeattleFan67 wrote...
    Bowl eligibility
    Any bowl game comes in mid to late December. The Colorado Buffaloes are the opponent THIS SATURDAY! Enough said.
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  • southi5 wrote...
    ohhh the high and mighty......
    I'll talk bowl game, I see most think it will be the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco on Dec 29th against Navy, sounds warm and dry, lets go Dawgs i'm ready for a road trip! UC and WazzWho are irrelevant like usual.
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