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Mariners tout new, huge scoreboard coming to Safeco Field
The Mariners say Safeco Field will have the largest scoreboard in Major League Baseball and among the largest in all of sports when the new system is installed.
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  • flipper wrote...
    I wonder... many hitters you could have gotten for the price of that scoreboard...
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  • *logos* wrote...
    Although it is pretty cool.
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  • Pebohead wrote...
    If you knew anything about how basebal teams operate
    You would know that field improvements come from an entirely separate part of a budget that has nothing to do with player payroll. They have probably been saving for this for many years.
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  • Sean wrote...
    it's all ultimately
    out of the same wallet. Please.
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  • Just Be wrote...
    So while the Mariners are losing, can we watch a different game?
    I doubt that this was the most important thing for the Mariners to put their time and energy into. How about fielding a team that is better that the Tacoma Rainiers?
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  • hawksfan81 wrote...
    I guess
    it will be easier to see that the score is 1-0 now.
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    What a waste
    How about putting some decent players on the field. Is this why they are raising ticket prices 4-10 % next season?
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  • active_fan wrote...
    Will be cool to see!
    I think this will be cool to see in person! Also nice to see that the stadium is getting some upgrades. On the other hand, it is seriously funny to see all the negative angry people in the comments section. No matter what the story, most people try being as negative as they possibley can. To each there own but I would not want to live my life that way! GO M's!
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  • dori monson fan wrote...
    negative or realistic? i guess if you like paying $150 for an afternoon to watch a team that is unwilling to win, and mediocre at best then go for it!
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  • mapleva wrote...
    Jumbo Scoreboard
    Another misguided move by an organization, thought by it's community to be unable to do anything right.
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  • awbitf wrote...
    Coming soon
    the 15 hat hat trick and 8 hydros in the race
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  • ratrustle wrote...
    Now that's funny S4!7! This would sure make it easier to leave a game early when they're behind. I may be able to see it from the parking garage!
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  • KeysAndStops wrote...
    Bad attitude
    Screw all of you and your bad attitude. This new board is an investment in keeping Safeco Field a great place to watch a Mariners game. They put the fan experience at the top of the list. The M's hitting, pitching, and fielding are at the top of another list. It's all good. I'm really looking forward to having the bigger screen. The old ones have seen their better days, and we've needed to improve the technology for some time. It started with the out of town board, then the ribbons, and now the crown jewel.
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  • mapleva wrote...
    Let's not forget
    The best fan experience is winning, that is what brings in the casual fans and the non fans. Granted, certain bells and whistles are needed to bring in revenue. But this move demonstrates the disconnect that the M's have with the fans.
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