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First concepts of Seattle's new arena released
Chris Hansen's investment team has released the first images of what the new sports arena in the SoDo neighborhood could look like.
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  • Country_Dog wrote...
    It doesn't have a roof on it
    Don't engineers know it rains alot out here?
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  • Dizzle wrote...
    A court surrounded by a bunch of seats.
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Was thinking the same thing. "First concepts of Seattle's new areana"... well I'm glad they've got the right sport.
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  • lockman wrote...
    re: country dog
    “ Country_Dog”. You can’t be this dumb. Can you? It is called a rendering. How impressive would it be if they showed you a picture of a roof? Engineers lead the way!
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  • snikkers wrote...
    I think you may have missed the sarcasm, which is easy to do in print. I've got a bit of smart aleck (sp) in me and the first thing I thought of was "oh great another venue with a retractable roof." Sure you can't think we're serious with these comments/thoughts?
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  • Nickatnyt wrote...
    Noun: "witty language used to convey insults or scorn"
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  • Sean wrote...
    The text in the graphic actually SAYS that it "does NOT represent a design or plan for the new Seattle arena." Another misleading headline, I guess,huh, MYNW?
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  • grow up/get real wrote...
    By the time it is finally built . . .
    it will be deemed "inadequate" by the NBA. You gotta love this game!
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  • Ted Bundi wrote...
    When do "we" investment group
    get to put up "our" plan for an area? It's my tax money.
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  • yummy sardine wrote...
    Slow down!
    send these blueprints over to the longshoreman's union for approval please.
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  • wrsawy12 wrote...
    They will build it, in ten years it will be deemed "obsolete" and NOT acceptable by NBA standards. In order to meet the increasing and inflating player salaries they will have to re-locate to Kansis City. They will eventually blow it up, only to be replaced by brand new warehouses owned by various cupcake companies. I remember 1995 - Key arena was "re-built" and called STATE of the ART by Stern and his buddies. Ten years later they said it doesn't meet NBA standards.
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