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Russell Wilson no ordinary rookie in Seattle
Golden Tate looked down at the text message, scrolling away as read the content.
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  • fiddlepimp wrote...
    Russell Wilson
    Thank you for finding your way to Seattle! You are exciting to watch but you put the benefit of your team ahead of your own accomplishments. Continue to function in the now but when you get to Chicago pleeeeez step on the gas so I don't have to hear any jive from my dear friend Vinnie.... thx!
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  • egTman wrote...
    Really Like This Kid...
    Improving every week, ability to fix problems quickly, great decision making, and showing the poise of a veteran. So much to like. And the thing is he will only get better, which is very exciting for this team. Glad we don't have to put up with prima donna QB's like Culter, Rivers or Newton...
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  • Richardfg7 wrote...
    Russell is going to re-wright the Seahawks record book.
    He has the skills but more importantly the smarts and the drive to do big things in the NFL.
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    more and more impressive..
    we are all happy Wilson is shinning. Let's hope he can make the next step and become the QB we all have been waiting for. Go Hawks!!
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    The funniest part of this story is that it is being portrayed as though Wilson's commitment to excellence is a recent development. Bwah hah hah! Wilson's work ethic has been evident and on display throughout his entire life. Easily quantifiable/evident to
    Did people think Wilson would 180 his character/programming, and become a slacker?! Why is anyone surprised by his acumen and dedication? The unforeseeable drafting of Wilson changed every dynamic and preconceived notion about the Seahawks' QB position for the better. It's as obvious as the Sun on a cloudless 98 degree summer day.

    I'll bet Pete & John were astounded that Russell was still available and elated to acquire Wilson, because he was the perfect central-piece to add to their puzzle.

    The John, Pete, Tom, Marshawn and Russell show is going to be tons of fun to watch for years to come.

    p.s. Note to Pete: Do EVERYTHING possible to retain Tom Cable for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. Let's not have a repeat of the Hutchinson debacle where the Seahawks lost one of their most important components for success.

    Go! Seahawks!

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