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Seattle sends OF Morse to Baltimore for OF Avery
Trying to make the postseason for the second straight year, the Baltimore Orioles acquired outfielder Michael Morse from the Seattle Mariners on Friday to provide a right-handed boost to a lineup focused around lefty slugger Chris Davis.
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  • droop360 wrote...
    we need some players who can hit stop picking up these bums
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    Another scrub .211 hitter. M's take teams leftover garbage every year.
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  • Snout wrote...
    That's what needed.
    Another guy who "struggled at the plate." I liked Robinson. He has potential. This guy does not. He doesn't seem to do anything well, strikes out a ton with no power. We could have signed someone just like him without giving up a player. uuggggghhh.
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  • Nardi Contreras wrote...
    .211 = .186 at Safeco. Where did Tori Hunter go? Oh thats right we have "THE CONDOR".
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  • Lessmith50 wrote...
    Now were talking
    There it is Seattle LeMays fans (New name since all this franchise does is pick up other garbage) the BIG TRADE we were all looking for.

    Settle down now LeMay fans dont trample each other rushing to buy lifetime season tickets.

    Act like you have been there before.... Wait we have not been there before. Thats right the LeMays and the Nationals are the ONLY franchise left that has NOT BEEN THERE BEFORE!

    My bad I guess you might as well trample each other since I am here falling all over myself for yet ANOTHER Trade of ones garbage for anothers garbage.

    This is just the start of all the great transactions this franchise will pull off. Every team has a boat load of garbage and they all know who to call the SEATTLE LEMAYS! They will be more than happy to pick up the garbage. There is not better franchise in the world of sports that can pick up the garbage as the Seattle LeMays.

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  • clevesside wrote...
    Perenniel question......
    ...why trade mediocre for so-so? I like Trayvan's potential but was this really a necessary trade? The Ms are what they are, let fate be unchallenged.
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  • sambra27 wrote...
    one word, though not actually a word:
    ...meh. I care about the bigger free agent signing, or trading to get Wright or J. Upton, if that's even on the table. This trade is a backup outfielder for a backup infielder, nothing more. The only reason I hate it is because I have had the opportunity to watch Andino play and I can't say that I like his attitude at all.
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  • rajuseattle wrote...
    what do u expect from this cheap Organization and GM?
    MAriners wants to raise ticket prices, but dont want to spend on a quality offensive players. I am sick of figgins and all mediocre players Jackie Z acquiring to build a "garbage" class team here in Seattle. Write down "2013" MLB season for Mariners is once again going to be the last in offense and Mariners barely win 60 games.
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  • Snout wrote...
    I'll take your word about attitude.
    Even better. Let's trade a guy with a million dollar Mike Cameron smile and get some bum in return. If the M's are going to be mediocre at least they can have guys who hustle and act like they are trying. We had Andino before, his name was Jose Lopez or Yuni Betancourt.
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    Quit whining....
    At least we have a huge monitor to watch this disaster in real time..... ;-)
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  • clevesside wrote...
    One must wonder and ponder...
    ..the logic behind the huge intergalatical scoreboard for such a team like our own. The world just isn't crazy, its something far worse....
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