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The Seahawks must take their show on the road
The hassles of travel can be a nightmare. But when the Seahawks travel nearly 9,000 miles to Miami and Chicago over the next two weeks, they'll experience none of that.
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    A question for Dave Wyman:
    Do the team have their own private chartered plane? Or do they consume all of First Class on a standard commercial flight?
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  • DWyman wrote...
    For Ronzilla
    Great question Ronzilla. It's a chartered flight. When I played it was Alaska Airlines....not sure who flies them now. Typically the coaches and management sit up front in first class and the players sit in the back every other seat or if the plane is big enough, they have their own row. The plane leaves when they get on board. The equipment guys and training staff work HARD loading all of their gear and taking care of the players. It's quite an operation but really easy for the players.
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    Hey Dave! Thanks for the reply,
    I really appreciate it, and the added information as well.

    Go! Seahawks!

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  • clevesside wrote...
    Once again....'s time to say "thanks" to Mr Allen, who knows a good investment when he watches one on the field, even on the road. Gratefully, he leaves the football matters to the football folks. Jerry Jones? Um, not here. I agree the Birds are overdue for road wins. And takeaways also.
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  • SeattleFan67 wrote...
    Winning in Chicago
    Dave, at the end of your article you mentioned the win in Chicago two years ago and the win in the Meadowlands last year. Don't forget, the Hawks also won in Chicago last year, having beat the Bears two consecutive years: 38-14 in 2011 ( and 23-20 in 2010 ( There was a playoff loss in Chicago in the 2010 season as well, but the Hawks have won regular season games in Chicago the last two seasons. Let's make it three...but after we take care of business in Miami.
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  • Toughact52 wrote...
    Statement Game Opportuniy, Playoff Berth on the Line.......
    Dave will probally agree that this game will tell if this team is a iegitmate playoff contender or just a good football team not ready to take that next step.They have yet to produce a signature road win. This game will test their mental toughness,and their ability to try overcoming the time zone thing and 70's Hi temps. If Defense travels well as they say, this team will be in the game @ the end.However, What they do with the opporunity is a different matter. TRUST is a major factor why they have'nt done better on the road. They need to get back to trusting the other guy to DO HIS JOB!This will be a GREAT test for this young team who's still trying to learn how to trust one another and play together consistent away as they are @ Home.Take care of this Dolphin team and you get iegitmate RESPECT thru out the league as a TRUE Playoff contender. I have a feeling these guy's are about to break thur and get that signature ROAD W and extend their winning streak to 3 games.....
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Although we may have guessed the conditions of travel, it's much better to hear it from someone who has been there, and observes it regularly. I am very hopeful that the 'Hawks win in Miami, and that the momentum will carry over in Chicago, where the home field advantage is almost non-existent. I say that because Bears' fans can come down on their team and make it impossible to assert that home crowd advantage. If they can get to 8-4, we all know what can happen in home field games; a lot of energy toward division rivals in must-win contests. I predict playoffs, maybe NFC west.
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  • TBarnes wrote...
    Hawks road record
    Personally, I have found the Hawks to have played better on the road under PC than they did under Holmgren. I was frustrated to lose against StL and AZ on the road early this year, but considering how those teams have played this season it is not surprising the Hawks, with their limited offense earlier in the season were defeated. Again, as last year, the first 8 games of the season were a learning and adjustment period. Hawks still have either won every game or lost by less than one score - even on the road. This bodes well for the remainder of this season - and hopefully for several more. This is also an improvement over the past. Having a chance to win every game is not something we have been accustomed to lately. It is so nice to be relevant again. I feel we are set to be a serious contender for the next 5 years. Dave - which positions on offense and defense do you feel will be the main targets for FA and upgrade via the draft? What key FA's will we have to resign this offseason?
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    the answer here in why we have done well with quality teams on the road. They don't think about it as much, and don't know.They are young. Also they are better conditioned. As the players get older it becomes more routine and more of an effort. Keep them young and look for fresh talent. Pete and John are doing a great job finding gems with great desire and hugh hearts. Let hope this continues in the years to come. Great drafts make good depth and wining teams. Thanks agian Mr. Allen. Go Hawks!!
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