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Husky punched out in post-Apple Cup incident
The University of Washington says it has no comment about a video of Husky Austin Seferian-Jenkins getting knocked down by a punch as fans rushed the field following WSU's Apple Cup upset.
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  • It's me! Ha ha! wrote...
    Turn the other cheek,
    and some spineless little Piss-Ant will blindside you from the other direction!
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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    What a punk!
    There always has to be a fan like that, that makes the rest of them look bad. Hopefully, someone will rat out the loser and assault charges are filed. Enjoy the win and show some class, stupid!
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  • My Evil Friend wrote...
    I hope they find him...
    As a Wazzu alum, this makes me so mad. I am glad they have this idiot on film because you know they'll find him. When they do find him, charge him with 1st degree assault, kick his butt out of school (if he even is a student), and then ban hin FOR LIFE from Martin Stadium and the new Husky Stadium. After that, let Sefarian-Jenkins wind up and give him a left hook. What a joke.
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    refraining from taking a shot at the cougs for two reasons
    1) one idiot does not represent the school. 2) second, the huskies choked so stinking bad, as a husky fan I can't even muster a shot at the cougs. This game will go down as one of the worst losses in Husky land. So bad....that this punch is just icing on the cake. Had we won and he was punched, we'd be all over it.
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  • grow up/get real wrote...
    What? UW won't comment?
    Uh, how about WSU commenting on this since it happened in Pullman? Would they not be in charge of field security?This is not the first incident that has put these players, coaches & fans at risk. Both UW and WSU need to get this under control and agree to adopt some serious security improvements for these games. It is just a few bad apples but it's becoming much more frequent.
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