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Safeco Field honoring Edgar Martinez with new outdoor patio, restaurant
The Mariners will add a new patio and outdoor restaurant to Safeco Field for the 2012 season as part of a massive face lift for the ballpark.
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  • southi5 wrote...
    Oh Good
    Now if fans show up to the games they can have a good meal and watch a new tv. If they let you turn the channel to relevant baseball on that big TV I might find a way back to the ballpark.
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  • hiskeyd wrote...
    The downside of this is that it's directly below the bleachers
    I can say from experience people who eat at this restaurant should expect to regularly have beer, peanut shells, and sunflower seed shells falling into their food.
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  • MellowClay wrote...
    When will there be a Griffey's?
    I like the idea of Edgar's Now I think there needs to be a section called Griffey's or even better you could make a booing section called A-Rod's lol
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  • El Duderino wrote...
    A great place to eat, where just when you really start to dig into your meal, the waitress pulls it away from you, then brings it back an hour later after it's cold and and does nothing for your team...uh I mean appetite.
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  • Matt Lattanzi wrote...
    When will there be?
    Perconte's or Mendoza's? that is a place I would eat at
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  • kylemac5 wrote...
    When will there be?
    Fister's? I mean, I know his stint was short, but I can't imagine a better name for a restaurant than "Fister's, a Family Joint".
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