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Seahawks, Cardinals should be closer than expected
The Seahawks and Cardinals will square off Sunday at CenturyLink Field in a matchup of two teams going in opposite directions. But don't assume it will turn into a rout.
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  • Newton wrote...
    John Skelton wiped the Seahawks out last game.
    Seahawks have to, not get so many penalties. I feel they are getting better at that. This should be a real fun game, just watch those crippling penalties and Seahawks should be hitting on all cylinders.
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  • Cbrew wrote...
    Newton, you're mistaken
    Skelton had a decent first half against the Hawks but we had him in the second half of that game, they were not moving the ball at all and it was only when Kolb came in and made 1 drive in the second half that cost us the game... I think we'll be fine but like Moore i'm a bit nervous about being labeled double digit favorites. I don't think the team will take the Cards lightly but I guess since we've lost a few games we SHOULD have won this year, you get nervous every time we "SHOULD" win a game. Hopefully Wilson will put those fears to rest and our Defense takes care of business against Skelton.
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  • SvS wrote...
    Gas the Defense
    I think the best thing that could happen in this game would be to avoid three-and-outs. We gassed the vaunted Chicago defense by keeping the ball, and grinding it out, and will do the same to Arizona if the Hawks can sustain a few sustain long drives, especially if it's in the 2nd half.
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  • Cbrew wrote...
    SvS - there's some definite wisdom in your words
    This is an Arizona Cardinals team that has their defense on the field most of the time in most games... they've spent 12 weeks grinding and though they've been very sturdy i think if you lean on them and really tilt the Time of Posession in your favor we could really gas that defense in the 4th Quarter. My hope is the Seahawks will run effectively and win at the line of scrimmage. The main reason the Cards had success against us in the first game was their edge rushers... they blitz a lot and we knew they would but they did a great job of getting rush from the edges which contained Wilson to the pocket and kept him from being able to scramble out... was very impressed with their ability to do this... However, Wilson has grown by leaps and bounds since week 1... The offense has grown by leaps and bounds as well.. I think we should beat this team handily, but the question will be whether or not we can put up many points against this defense.
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    some risk
    AZ always plays tough. But being at home we should have the edge. The D has to have a solid day and the offense needs to play error free. Go Hawks!
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  • clevesside wrote...
    That's a great AND spontaneous game plan.... just keeping a run-and-grind offense with no turnovers (memo to Marshawn and R Turbin) and keeping the Cardinals defense on the field as L-O-N-G as the stadium is rocking, and by George it will! "Big plays" are overdue, but for our defense, not theirs. "Are we there yet?"!
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  • Dizzle wrote...
    Crushing them would be nice, but...
    Just as Seattle has played up to the level of the best teams they've faced, they have a tendency to play down to the worst.
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  • Robert_C wrote...
    I personally think....
    The Seahawks offense in now time, the defense took care of business in the first half and the emerging offense needs to continue to take charge and score points. The league's best defenses are allowing just 17 points a game and both the offense and defense absent browner at home should be up to the task. if the Seahawks are the emerging team we think they are I like the Seahawks plus 10 making your record 10-3 against the spread. The only scenario that scares me is the Pete Carroll theology of well run the clock out and win 3-0.
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    The Hawks lost week 1
    in major part to the receiver core who refused to make a catch on numerous attempts. Wilson owned maybe 1 or 2 throws, but the guys responsible for the catching side failed. Not to mention the defense late game.

    Regardless: Kolb was a beast and gets some credit, despite the defense and the DC's lack of finishing the game!

    On paper, the Seahawks SHOULD win this game handily. But, as I always mention, sports is ultimately not played on paper!

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  • clevesside wrote...
    The greater danger of all.....
    .... is an angry, PO'd pro team not wanting to lose 9 in a row. It's the Hawks job to make sure the streak stays intact.
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  • EC Henry wrote...
    Seahawks 35, Arizona 6
    I like the Seahawks in this game. Sure Arizona has SOME talent, but ONE factor I don't think you're counting on, is Arizona just mailing it in. This team is going nowhere this season. I think the Seahawks will score early and take the heart out of this team.
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  • fiddlepimp wrote...
    seahawks win!
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