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Seahawks, Cardinals should be closer than expected
The Seahawks and Cardinals will square off Sunday at CenturyLink Field in a matchup of two teams going in opposite directions. But don't assume it will turn into a rout.
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Close at halftime....maybe.
    I know that whenever someone warns "me" not to take a team too lightly, I don't have to worry because I am not playing. If you are questioning the heart and soul of the Seahawks, I think you must be kidding; they are taking it plenty seriously. They know the payoffs are at stake here, and their own credibility is on the line. Contenders or pretenders? 30-10 Seattle.
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  • rational wrote...
    Jim Moore displaying his football expertise
    58-0...define close game.
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  • Forrest wrote...
    Couged it again
    Eh Jim?
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  • jdblack wrote...
    "Seahawks, Cardinals should be closer than expected"
    I tried to think of something funny to say, but simply quoting Jim is good enough - "Seahawks, Cardinals should be closer than expected" hah!
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  • Richardfg7 wrote...
    Well, can't get 'em all right.
    Maybe the cards can buck-up and take down the Niners for us.
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