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Pete Carroll gets guff for running up score in Seahawks' blowout win
Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is taking some heat for continuing to throw the ball and continuing to score even after the Seahawks had Sunday's game well in hand.
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  • don over taxed wrote...
    Snakey Pete
    There is a reason shady Pete got throw out of CA. This will come back to bite him some day.
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  • dragonmeteor wrote...
    Thrown out?
    How retarded are you? He left USC under his own power. That is called leaving, not being thrown out. Maybe you should invest in a dictionary and take some English classes as well
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  • RobMac wrote...
    Where's the back door?
    Back door Pete left knowing sanctions were coming! Why else would you leave a very high profile college program? Mr. Rah Rah will get blown out here soon.
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  • Lessmith50 wrote...
    don over taxed
    WHAT A DUMB A55 comment! PERIOD! These are professional players that get paid millions of dollars. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO GET BLOWN OUT BY 58 IN THE NFL. Why dont the so called great top ten defense of Arizona JUST PLAY FOOTBALL INSTEAD OF MAILING IT IN AT HALFTIME!
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  • Hakuzen wrote...
    don over taxed..
    We need to create "The Don Rule", which will be a minimum IQ requirement to post on comment threads. Forrest Gump eat your heart out.
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  • Troll Hunter wrote...
    don over taxed
    It's obvious by your comments that you know very little about college sports other than what you are told to think by ESPN and other media outlets. Have you ever attended a university and/or ever really sat down and talked to their athletes? Do you know what a booster is? Do you really understand how little control coaches typically have keeping these boosters away from their players?

    Sports are huge business for the universities, especially football, yet the players get no financial gain from it. Yes, the players who get a scholarship get a 'free' education, but not every player is on a scholarship. In exchange the players are banned from working a job to get a little spending money and are thus forced to survive on whatever stipend their scholarship might provide. If you or I were to offer to buy them a pizza, they would technically be in violation of NCAA rules and could get themselves and the school in trouble.

    I don't know why I even bother, it's obvious you have a hatred for Pete Carroll for some reason.

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  • TheGreatUnwashed wrote...
    don over taxed...
    Wants everyone to feel as miserable as he does everyone. Not happening today fool, now scoot.
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  • dek1 wrote...
    Spot on.
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  • HLC wrote...
    don over taxed have you ever played sports?
    You can't put in second tier players and not expect them to play to the best of their ability. That would be a sure way of moving down to the third tier.
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  • Rikki Doxx wrote...
    And If ...
    And if Pete held back the MSM would say that Arizona had a good defense holding the Hawks to only 20 points. You can't win with these sports writers.
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  • HerbyDerby wrote...
    Let's Be Consistent
    Questioning Pete Carroll's 'sportsmanship?' Seriously? Detractors quickly forget the Patriots 2007 season, where they trounced everybody, some scores as high as 56 points. There was very little—if any—questions about their "sportsmanship" there. Arizona has been trending downward, and the Seahawks upward. Let the haters hate. 'Nuff said.
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  • Boatdrnk32 wrote...
    Now I know...............
    Why my grandfather always watched sports with the sound off. Listening to these idiots like Costas and Edwards really detracts from the game, Hey Herm its not Pete's job to keep the Hawks from scoring, its Arizonas. The NFL is turning into a bunch of Sissy's, can't hit to hard, moving kick off's up, now talking about doing away with kick offs all together, When did football become so touchy feely?
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  • whitneycharger wrote...
    grow up
    Grow up! Booo hooo these guys make millions. If you are getting your butt kicked step up and play harder to show you earn your paycheck. No matter what the Seahawks did people will cry. We have a generation of freakin cryin wimps. Man up its football!!!!
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  • maplefish wrote...
    More Wussification of America
    Did the Seahawks hurt the feeleings of the Big Tuff Arizona Football players? Boooo Friggin Hoooo! What were the Seahawks supposed to do? Take a knee throughout the 4th Quarter? That would have been even more insulting. This is POFESSIONAL FOOTBALL. If these guys are that big a pusssies then maybe they should go play soccer...
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  • Ron_Spins wrote...
    @ maplefish
    L.O.L outcome based football where everyone's a Winner - trophies for everybody!! It is what it is - This will make the Arizona team take a good hard look at itself.Competition is good.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    ESPN's "any argument for its own sake".... as bad as AZ's performance. Any analyst should think 2X before opening their well-paid pie hole. Huard is more than right; Edwards' piece was nothing but a knee-jerk apologist for a bunch of quitters. Giants scored 52 and nobody's after THEM.
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  • Fuego wrote...
    The fact that Arizona
    didn't show up to play has nothing to do with it?
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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    It has everything to do with it!
    I agree. Arizona didn't show play a good game. But I also recall all the whining after the infamous Packers game. The complainers seemed to completely forget that the Hawks put Aaron Rogers on his ars 8 times in that game. These guys need to learn to take responsibility for their game and quit looking to blame others for stepping up and playing hard.
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  • Op TK wrote...
    Are you really trying to bring up the GB game?
    Both teams were horrible on offense that night and the game was riddled with bad calls by the replacement refs. Yes, the Hawks defense got Rodgers 8 times in the first half of that game but then where were they in the second half? You also have to consider that Rodgers has been sacked 42 times this year so even though the Hawks defense is good, in this case, the truth is the Packers O line is really bad.
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  • Dericksh wrote...
    Bobby Bowden...
    From the mouth of Bobby Bowden..."It aint my job to stop my Offense!"
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