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Does Edgar belong in Cooperstown? The argument fires up again
Does Edgar Martinez belong in the baseball Hall of Fame? It's an argument that's heating up again as voters start receiving their ballots for the class of 2013.
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  • wsualumn wrote...
    I Love Edgar (Who Doesn't?)
    But 3,000 hits is the key and being a D.H. makes it tough.
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  • bigguitarman wrote...
    He belongs in Cooperstown
    "Edgar is one of only 10 players in Major League history to have collected over 300 HR, 500-plus doubles, 1000-plus walks, boast an average over .300 and an on-base percentage over .400," This says it all. One of only 10. He belongs in the Hall!
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    He will never get in
    Because Seattle is a worthless baseball town. These writers look at more than players numbers.
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  • hawks$life wrote...
    Theres an award namd after the man!
    Seriously, what else do you need to say?
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  • Ed Altizer wrote...
    Yes...HOF for Edgar
    If a reliever can get in the HOF, then the best DH is history should also. Please remember he also led the league in hitting twice. The DH position has been around for over 50 years and there are even rumblings the National League is considering going to the DH. Edgar has proven he should be there.
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  • jsean wrote...
    if a one dimensional player can't get in than why do relievers make the hall? to add insult to injury ozzie smith couldn't hit for beans yet he is in....for what, a back flip?!! for defense and defense only, so a ONE DIMENSIONAL player is already in the hall of fame! edgar was a better hitter than ozzie was a ShortStop? PUT HIM IN!!
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  • Inspector12 wrote...
    DUH.. no 3000 Hits or 500 HR's but was the Greatest HITTER not just DH but hitter period during his career..The DH will most likely not get enough respect as a position to get into the hall for a while yet....But GAR should be in the HOF. PERIOD .
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