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Arena design proposal now boasts pop of color among Seattle's skyline
Architects have made an adDendum to their design suggestions for Seattle's future arena. The building in the SoDo neighborhood could sport a burst of color sure to make it stand out among the city's skyline.
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  • astromart wrote...
    Looks like ...
    .. the science center fell on the Brown Derby Try again Some of the first renditions were MUCH better
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  • Newton wrote...
    Monkey Bu-tt Arena!!! Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Are planners must of copied it from a zoo exhibit in the monkey house. Nice!.
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    Newton: I'm not being critical or mean, from time to time I absolutely agree with your statments but
    please learn how to use the word "our".

    "Our" planners must've copied...

    The word you want is "our" NOT "are". Peace.

    Go! Seahawks!

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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    It doesen't look at all like....
    that museum of glass thing down in Tacoma!
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  • MainEvent wrote...
    If it bring the NHL and Basketball...
    it could look like a bowl of horse manure for all i care.
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  • Hawkin wrote...
    55,199 facebook likes on
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  • SickofSeattleite wrote...
    depressing overtaxed seattle needs that burst of color
    not only is it hip but with 260 days a year on average overcast we need something to spot the city with. To bad Seattle can't do anything about the crime, homeless and people pissing and crapping in the streets.
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  • RnD_Fan wrote...
    Copy Cat of the Tacoma Glass Museum
    Just in Orange.

    And cut off more at the top.

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