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High-scoring Seattle turns focus to San Francisco
Following back-to-back blowout victories, the Seahawks welcome the San Francisco 49ers to CenturyLink Field Sunday evening.
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  • SeahawkInKorea wrote...
    Found this at espn
    Twas the week before Christmas And all through the house Not a Patriot was stirring Not even Brady the mouse The stockings were hung in Foxboro with care In the hopes that the Niners playoff hopes would be there When what to their wondering eyes should appear But Colin Kaepernick and the Niners Offense were there With a rocket QB so lively and quick They knew in a moment it must be Kaep Nick Away to the air the ball flew like a flash Tore open the Pats defense and threw out the trash The moon on the breast of Kaepernick's jersey Gave a luster of midday to downtown New Jersey But they heard him exclaim as he threw out of sight Merry Christmas to All and to the Patriots.....GOOD NIGHT less and then the next day they woke up aware, that Seattle would they fare? Seattle has beaten all in their house from Romo to Rodgers, and Brady the mouse. the 9ers could care less with their nose in the air they've beaten the Patriots that's all that they care. but so have the seahawks and the stage has been set oh what a fun little poem but please don't forget feel free to add to this nice little story just make sure to give the seahawks the glory.
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    Have you joined the Military Sea Hawkers?
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