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No limelight for Marshawn Lynch
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is garnering most of the attention for a stellar rookie season. Running back Marshawn Lynch, enjoying his best year yet, wouldn't have it any other way.
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  • Willie G wrote...
    Beast Mode
    LOVE Marshawn. Seems like a real sweet guy, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone in the world with more pound-for-pound strength or toughness.
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  • MainEvent wrote...
    My favourite player in the NFL right now.
    the guy is a best, just the way he runs with this "controlled chaos" style. He amazes me every time he touches the ball. Hes hilarious too, check out the "real rbo" report and the way he is with that off beat personality has to make you laugh.
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  • Hawksbandit wrote...
    Good point on the late block fouls, you cant blame those guys. You never know if Lynch is gonna break loose. Blame the officials for not blowing the whistle but throwing the flags. The Charlie's Pops video is classic Lynch!
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  • TBarnes wrote...
    Love Marshawn...
    But OL has to stop after the whistle and out of bounds. Play hard, but play smart too. Winning and losing could be decided on a stupid penalty like that. Lynch fights harder than any player I have watched since Barry Sanders and Earl Campbell. I want another 100 yds against the 9ers this weekend. Pretty tall order, but if it can be done ML will do it.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Best use of Skittles ever....
    ....and a potential guest for "Chappelle's Show". Hope his health can make it to game-16 and the Possible Beyond. The offense is coming around to being more balanced between rushing and passing, and he's better for it. Tip of the helmet to Mr. Stanford for the great blog.
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    A question for Dave Wyman:
    Where and when can I listen to "The Huddle"? Is it here on Is it on 710 ESPN? Is it on KIRO radio? Where are the podcasts of it that I can listen to after the fact?

    Thanks in advance, ronzilla

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  • Lee Pridemore wrote...
    It Was A Crunch Block..
    During the summer of 2011, I called in sick and went to the Seahawks Bing Training Camp at the VMAC. During position drills I was eating an ice cream sandwich and watching Tom Cable yellin' and jumpin' around and sweatin' and teachin'... At the far southwest corner of the facility, a hundred and fifty yards and two hundred million light years away, Marshawn Lynch was standing there. He was surrounded by Sherman Smith and David Sims, John L. Williams,Chris Warren, Curt Warner, Ricky Watters, Dan Dornick and Derrick Fenner. They're all talking and laughing and wiping sweat away with white towels, everyone except Lynch. He standing there real still, looking straight ahead not saying anything. Steve Broussard and Shaun Alexander with Mack Strong, Ahman Green appear from within this mob of blue and everyone is laughing, except Lynch. He stand there so cold it looks like ice is freezing on him. Then Lynch took two steps forward into the drill, sets ...and explodes. I flinched and when I opened my eyes it was just Lynch standing there with a football, moving it from one hand to the other. Cold. Real cold.
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  • Big Zipper wrote...
    and lynch has improved each year. he hits the hole harder and faster now than ever
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  • rational wrote...
    The real Rob report
    If you haven't seen the episodes of the real rob report on youtube you should do yourself a favor and do. There is a running gag where Mike Robinson tries to interview Lynch almost every week...he hasn't said a word yet. But you do get to see plenty of hoodies over his head.

    You also get to see who are the real cut ups...Sherman is wicked smart and funny and Moffit is hilarious as well. Look for the "Russell Wilson sighting".

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  • Tree wrote...
    I'll trust the ball boy
    Really special to read Lynch is for real. Love his play.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    I'm not Dave....
    ...but "the Huddle" can be found on Groz and Stelton blog (@Ronzilla). Enjoy.
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  • ronzilla wrote...
    Thanks, cleve
    I appreciate that.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Marshawn knows that he needs alot of energy.
    So his being quite before a game is his way of storing his energy and focus before each game. Awsome Focus. Go Seahawks.
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