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Seahawks search for answers stopping the run
The Seattle Seahawks are searching for answers to their run defense after allowing at least 200 yards rushing in each of the past two weeks.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Run Game you Bet Seahawks need to stop 9ers run game.
    Also trick plays. Sunny Jim loves to pull a trick play here and there and that goes triple for the Seahawks. Making a fool out of Pete is what gets Sunny Jim up early in the Morning. Watch out Seahawks sunny Jim wants easy cheap points on the hawks because thats who he is.
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  • egTman wrote...
    Not Cheap Points Newton...
    You get points anyway you can. If a trick play gets you points, it's nobody's fault but the defense for not stopping it. Prepare, study, and play smart and you won't get burned by a trick play.
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    Put your foot on their neck..
    and hold them down the whole game. We need to set a tone early and all day. No forgiveness on this one. A real dog fight. Go Hawks!
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