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Column: Seattle isn't just sleepless, it's loud!
That dull roar still rumbling between your ears a day later is not your imagination.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    East coast bias......
    ...can't be heard out here, and that's OK. We'd rather not hear them just the same, thanks. On To January!
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  • CarbonRiver wrote...
    Noise not profanity
    hpygolkyone - The thing is that the fans are loud and for the most part not obscene. We leave it to the idiot fans in SoCal and NY who try to actually shout out something to be heard. Most fans at the Clink stick to the simple "HAWWWWWKS" or other monotone phrase that lets you really get your lungs behind it. We take our kids to the Hawks games and they wear eye protection for the decibels, we take them to the Sounders and we wear it to drown out the "You suck 'a-whole'" and other foul language that gets chanted out.
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  • uralnutjobs wrote...
    eye protection?
    maybe move away from the food services area during a touchdown run ;)
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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    Noise Level
    Man, I always heard about the noise level there and the very first game I attended there, was fortunate enough to enjoy a nice seat in one of the suites. Even back in the suites, the noise level was incredible. To not even be able to hear the person next to me was crazy. I have sat out in the Hawks Nest for the remainder of my trips there and love creating a portion of that crippling noise level. Every false start it creates, just makes me proud!
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  • daveismenotyou wrote...
    Can we stop hearing about that? And when will telecasts stop showing market guys throwing fish? It is getting really old. Yes, everybody in Seattle drinks coffee and throws fish around.
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