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Seahawks playoff scenarios: from practical to inconceivable
Dave Wyman takes a look at some of the potential playoff scenarios for the Seahawks, who have clinched at least a wild-card berth but could still win the NFC West.
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  • bigmoccs wrote...
    Rite with you Dave.....
    I predicted a blowout also! We played a terrible game in San Fran and was still only a play away from winning that game. Nationally the Patriots get to much publicity and that win for the 9er's put them at an elite status, NOT! OOOOOH they won in NE so they can win in Seattle or it will be close. I said Seahawks by 20+!
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  • rajuseattle wrote...
    Agree with you Dave......
    but try to be realistic, given Cardinals QB position playing this season, i think its impossible to think about Cards going to SFO and beat them. No chance of Kevin Kolb returning as QB...we may lend Matt Flynn to Arizona for just 1 game. :-) Cards already declared WHITE flag and shown that they are least interested in winning any of their games this season. I dont have the hopes for being 2nd seed, but with 5th seed, i am optimistic about our chances going into Washington DC and then to Atlanta for the Road Ws. I hope our key players remain healthy ( touch wood) and pray for the team's overall January that is what you need to win the Road games in cold and winter weather....Go Hawks....!!!
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Your opinion
    means a lot to decades-long football watchers like myself. You have seen it from the inside out. I "voted" that I thought the 'Hawks would win big too, and I also agree that they have a way to win on the road even if they have to go to Washington, but like a lot of fans who show no respect for things like probabilitiy and practicality, I truly am more excited this season than even for the season of SuperBowl XL. I think this is just a better team all the way around, and their chemistry is what will do it for them.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Unbeatable at home, of course....
    ...but STILL an unproven road team. Beating Chicago in OT was the last road game of consequence. If we get matched up with Redskins, that would be a game for the ages, given both teams make-up and outstadning young QBs. This is the playoff match I'd like. "We can dream," of course, but wake up gently. Word is indeed out nobody wants to play the their house! We will see, and we will prevail, even faraway, in another galaxy, for that matter. Tip of the helmet once more to our astute analyst.
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  • Derrol_o wrote...
    '86 Hawks
    Dave, mentioning that '86 team was right on. To this day I always believed that if they had just been able to get into the playoffs they would have won the Super Bowl that year. I always considered seeing them fall short as maybe the most disappointed I've ever been as a Seahawk fan, right up there with losing the AFC title game in '83 after the Miracle in Miami. Curt Warner was finally back to 100% and just tearing it up, Krieg was playing at a high level and if I remember right they beat both Super Bowl teams that year. It was tough seeing Denver in the Super Bowl after the Seahawks just clobbered them the last game of the season. Every now and then I still talk about that '86 team and what could have been, to anyone willing to listen. I never really considered this current run the '12 Hawks are on in light of the '86 season until I read the article but now that you mentioned it, it's definitely similar, only this team might be even hotter than that '86 team was. Then it was that following offseason one Dave Wyman was picked in the 2nd round which would have put you at Stanford for your last season there, correct?
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  • Jef wrote...
    A team that inspires confidence
    Hey Dave my name is Jeff I am the electrician that wired your hot tub a while back, I don't know if you remember a brief conversation we had about the hawks and I made a comment that you can never relax while you watch the seahawks because it always seemed like we could loose any game. I grew up in LA and was always a Raiders fan and never really followed the seahawks. I moved to Washington in 97 and did not start listening to talk radio until right after I did work for you. I was quite surprised to hear you and Dori on the pregame. So I always wanted to "apologize" for ripping on the hawks without realizing you were one. But since I have been hear in Seattle I have been quite a homer and always think the hawks will win even though I can never really relax while watching them, until now. So when I heard Paul making a similar comment to you it brought back that memory. But I always enjoy listening to you and also had a feeling we were going to dominate the niners. It is a great feeling to see this team firing on all cylinders with the possibility of exploding in any phase at any time. It is amazing to be a fearless Hawk fan! I wish I would have put money on them to win the superbowl at the season start like I have in the past, go hawks!
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