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Rams RB Jackson heads into finale amid questions
Running back Steven Jackson will have the option to explore free agency after the season, raising the question of whether Sunday's finale at Seattle will be his final game in a St. Louis Rams uniform.
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  • *logos* wrote...
    should be embarrassed to have let this guy rot on their team for 9 years. Worse than the M's handling of Ichiro. Not one winning season? Christ... and he wants to finish with them... they had better give the guy his money.
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  • JJHawkfan wrote...
    Crazy? Like a fox
    Okay, I know this might sound crazy but perhaps Mr. Jackson might like a Superbowl ring, and perhaps he might realize that "spelling" Lynch in the Seattle backfield would be the perfect 1-2 punch for his body that, you can tell from his words, has been taking a beating (it would be good for both their bodies). Come to Seattle Steven, not for the money, but for the match made in heaven and Superbowl ring.
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