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Seahawks far different from 2010 playoff team
Pete Carroll was thrilled to be in the postseason but knew it was a mirage.
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  • Fuego wrote...
    The key will be
    If the offense can sustain long, time consuming drives which will keep the ball out of rg3 hands.
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    It's Now Time
    To read a correct measurement on how far this team has come. By quoting a few numbers and team records, even the fans with limited eyesight can read the writing on the wall. I will be confident and exuberant as I plant myself in front of the big screen this weekend. The Hawks are starting to move as one.
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  • Driesel206 wrote...
    agree with Fuego
    I think the offense will be able to do what you suggested. The Skins defense is not nearly as good as the Rams defense that we faced last week. Their secondary is ok, and I think Sydney will have a great game because of it. Also, with their old linebackers I think Miller and McCoy will make significant contributions.
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