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Seattle's playoff road history not a pretty view
While they are one of the hottest teams going into the postseason, there's a lot of past playoff futility for the Seattle Seahawks to overcome _ nearly three decades worth.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Redskins defensive 2ndary is missing....
    ... a step or two, per pundits and stats. If this is true, and Russ and company can test it early, expect either bombs away for 4 quarters bigtime or else an early-season Bevelle-type offensive game (Beast Mode? turn it up, please). You just don't know, and its just better that way. Go Birds!
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    I've never understood...
    why sports media says these types of idiotic things. "It's been 29 years since the Seahawks had last won a playoff game on the road." PLEASE, tell me how that is relevant to this team??? Has this team been playing the last 29 years? Russell Wilson, along with 85% of the team haven't even been alive for that entire time. WHO CARES what the past teams have or haven't done?!?!?! How is that relevant to this team?!?!?!
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  • Newton wrote...
    Well its a road game.
    Its the Seahawks. We have Doug Baldwin with the eye of the tiger idealism that I like alot. Lets just hope they have a good game. Go Hawks!!
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