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Seahawks have the recipe for postseason success
The Seahawks' 20-13 win over St. Louis was exactly what they needed to prepare for the playoffs and their first-round matchup with the Redskins.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Rumors are the Redskins defensive secondary....
    ... is a prime target for "testing" as a weak link. Hello, Bevelle? We have a bomber, and lets use him! Also, anonymous "no-names", like the Redskins as a whole, who excel w/o notice, you'd think would be either dangerous, underrated, or none of the above. Should be a great road game, the Anonymous (DC) vs the Ignored (Seahawks). Thank you, east coast bias.
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  • Oregon Duck fan wrote...
    is nice about Seattle... Is that they are really good at every position on offense! Yes the Wideouts as a group are not elite but they are good enough! And with Russell Wilson being a duel threat QB and being well... Russell Wilson He only makes that group stronger! Its nice when you play a team such as washington where you can pick on one weaker area like there pass defense! Go Hawks!
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    @ Dave Wayman
    I mean this with as much due respect as possible, but...

    Welcome to the club!!!

    Why did it take you until Wednesday to figure this one out? Most of us felt that way on Sunday.

    Not all games will be blowouts. Match ups are key. The Rams and the Hawks match up quite well. As do the Rams and 49ers.

    This was a game in which the Hawks needed to stay awake and not look past, as they did with Miami.

    Finding a way to win a game that is close in the 4th, is more valuable than a blowout. It tests the mettle of a team, so to speak, and builds future character.

    Hopefully a character that will carry them through close games during the play-offs.

    Hopefully, that is...

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  • montycash wrote...
    We will, will our way to a W, we have new comfort zone called a new norm winning No Matter What!!! Go Hawks
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  • montycash wrote...
    A new norm, like that
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  • montycash wrote...
    GO HAWKS !!
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  • grow up/get real wrote...
    So much could happen, but these are the keys to a win:
    1)Eliminate stupid penalties. This team has a track record and it will surely defeat them on the road if this isn't shored up. 2)Contain the Redskin run game. RGIII and Morris will get their yards but no big game changer plays. Make RGIII beat you with his arm. 3)Unleash Wilson to throw downfield. The Skin secondary is open to abuse, and the so-so Skin defense must focus on Wilson and Lynch running all over first. 4)Have more points then they do at the end of the game (this key has never failed). Go Hawks
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    I'm going to have to take an ambien Saturday night
    Cause I won't be able to sleep! Like most of you, I think I want this team to make it to the big dance even more than the 2005 team. Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing Pop-Warner age kids around the country wearing #3 Wilson jerseys in the coming years too. Is there a better role model than him out there?
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  • Newton wrote...
    Recipe for success.
    Have the Hawks peak at the correct time is everything. Its hard to do on any away game. Just set there alarm clocks to start getting up and ready to get into the slot where thier peak time is dialed in for the D.C game. Go Hawks!!!.
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