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Column: Wilson stands tall as only rookie QB left
This was always going to be one of those once in a decade quarterback classes, even before Russell Wilson announced his arrival from what is arguably the loneliest outpost in the NFL.
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    Russell who?
    No more. He really is the can-do kid. I just hope they (Redskins) didn't ruin RG3's ability to fully recover. As far as "Rookie of the Year," keep it. Wilson is bigger than that award is!
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  • Newton wrote...
    It says alot about this Seahawk team.
    Redskins came out for a fight and they looked like a fighter that once run out of gas they could not go toe to toe with the Seahawks. Seahawks have the big gas tank and fought like crazy to go the distance and get it done. YA! Wow What a Show of power and force to win that game. A Team effort. Enjoy Your Win!. Go Hawks!.
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    Cooler than a fan!
    Matt who?
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  • SeahawkInKorea wrote...
    Oh no...
    I'm not gay but I think I'm in love with RW.
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