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Clemons' injury deals big blow to Seahawks' defense
Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby share thoughts on how the Seahawks will be affected by defensive end Chris Clemons' season-ending knee injury.
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  • skottedont wrote...
    That sucks big time. Time for #51 to pick up the slack! GO HAWKS!!!
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  • rajuseattle wrote...
    Yeah #51 please live uoto our expectations and prove that
    you are every penny worth to be drafted #15 overall by Seattle Seahawks....We have seen throughout this season Seahawks played with chip on their shoulder, I am expecting the same from Bruce IRvine and hope he brings in the youth energy and harass MAtty ICe....Go Hawks....!!! We are on our way to NFC championship game @ Green Bay, WI.
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  • DoctorD wrote...
    Clemmons. RGIII & Bad, Bad Field.
    The Redskins field management personnel should be ashamed for providing such a ugly, bad field for both teams to play on. Two premium athletes are injured because of a field maintained like a vacant lot in Brooklyn. Shame, shame, shame. . .
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  • *logos* wrote...
    The redskins
    should be fined for allowing the game to be played on that field. They are supposed to make sure it is a safe playing surface, and something tells me the $$$ may have obscured their judgement. Same goes for playing RGIII.
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  • itiswhatitis wrote...
    With all the money the owner has, you'd think that they'd provide their players with a good field to play on. They already took out Clemmons, RGIII & hurt Hauschka also. I do hope the NFL looks into this and makes all the teams take care of their fields. In this day and age, when our kids fields are better than the NFL's that is kinda crazy.
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  • Lonestar wrote...
    Put some duct tape on his knee and send him out there
    Wait, never mind, Shanahan is not our coach.
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  • Newton wrote...
    Nobody wants see Clem out od the line up.
    I guess Chris will be watching the game at home. I'm sure where he is he will be there with the Hawks in support of there playoff bid to the Superbowl. Good Luck Chris best in recovery.
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  • Snout wrote...
    That ghetto field caused it.
    Good Lord that thing looked awful. It was worse than some crappy high school field who hired some stoned and drunk gardener to maintain it. What was it? It looked like some field after a monster truck rally or demolition derby. Is this 1972? Geez, Washington Foreskins. You mortgaged your future to get RG3 and cheaped out on field quality. Now out pass rusher and kicker are hurt and RG3 is a cripple. Nice job.
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  • *logos* wrote...
    Chris will be sorely missed
    The guy was our only legit pass-rusher. We are going to have to change our scheme now to send linebackers; not what you want at this time of year. Edwards would help in Irvin's old role.. Get the man signed and in practice already! He knows ATL at the very least.
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  • Snout wrote...
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  • sambra27 wrote...
    Impose fines
    If Roger Goodell wants to maintain his "image" of a commissioner who is dedicated to protecting the safety and well-being of the players, then why not have in place a system of fines for an organization that does a poor job of maintaining its facilities? Players already receive fines for hits to the head. Fed-Ex field in the last two seasons has already contributed to (I won't say caused) 3 players tearing or partially tearing their MCL's and ACL's, 2 of which (RG3 and Adrian Peterson) are the face of their franchise. The Redskins organization, or whatever entity is responsible for maintaining the field, needs to face some sort of fine.
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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    Absolutely agreed!
    That field was an embarassment to the NFL. I realize that none of the care about our Hawks getting hurt, but you would think that when the likes of RG3 and Adrian Peterson are hurt, that would motivate them to force it to be fixed.
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  • Regional wrote...
    What is going to be done?
    It appears that the only NFL written rule on the condition of the playing field is this sentence under Rule 1: "The surface of the entire Field of Play must be a League-approved shade of green." With such tight control of so many other aspects of the game, isn't it "reasonable" to expect some additional attention to player safety? Like so many people, I carried huge excitement into the Seahawks/Redskins game. There is no question that excitement was justified by the player personalities involved. Very early in the game, it became SO obvious that the condition of the field had been ignored, maybe even faked with painted grass color. But, that action seems within the NFL's Rule 1 (above). If it turns out that the several serious injuries to key players were not a direct cause/effect from the turf condition, as a fan I firmly believe it was a significant factor. HD and slow motion replay allows a strong visual impression of slips, foot plants, and awkward movements by many players. How can this be allowed in the modern era? Why is this permitted by the NFL? What is going to be done about it? When? That field condition was a disgrace. That field condition was dangerous for the players. It was all unnecessary. The team owner is responsible. And the NFL has such a monstrous interest in "the show," shared by the financial and fan interests of so many. The NFL is also responsible.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Bruce the Force will do nicely...
    ... I think for #91. Only real issue is depth at DE. Who can truly fill in and intimidate the Falcon OL? I'm not that concerned. If Pete is OK with it, so am I and we should be too. Thank God it's not a used minefield like Fedex, where everybody's at risk. Let 'em pass all they want, that's our game too!
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  • dbhawkfan84 wrote...
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  • dsbab wrote...
    I love Clemons
    I also love that the caps lock button works on my keyboard....
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    Clemons' injury is
    Quite a blow when you think there is not much wiggle room for Hawks' injuries at this critical time. So it's time to get tighter in the chemistry, trust and rely on each teammate, and give it one huge shot. Time for Irvin and Scruggs to step in and fill the gap, I think they will.
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    Ghetto-Field injuries
    It was an election year. Sacrifices had to be made.
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