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Falcons have history on their side against Seattle
The Atlanta Falcons have more than home-field advantage to help their chances against Seattle in the playoffs.
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  • TwoTrees wrote...
    The Falcons may have history...
    ..., but we have Russell Wilson.
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    Maybe next year!
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  • grow up/get real wrote...
    Napoleon and General Custer had history on their side too. .
    until their last battle! Go Hawks!
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  • Rayvensdad wrote...
    Atlanta has the history...
    We have the Legion of Boom. I'll take our chances.

    This is simply just another bored media story, trying to find something to write about. I love how anyone writes about teams that have NOTHING to do with this team. Some of these young men were barely a twinkle in their mom and dad's eyes back in '89. I thought the media's job was to report the news... not scratch and dig to make it.

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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    And the Hawks have made some real history this season and hope to continue to make more history. Go Hawks!!!
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  • uralnutjobs wrote...
    sherman has history too
    look how that worked out for atlanta the last time
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  • Johnnymac50 wrote...
    That which has no effect on the game this Sunday: travel, start time, playoff history of either team, bye week rest, visiting crowd, the field conditions in D.C. What will count is: 1)control penalties, turnovers, and missed assignments. 2) keep focus on the game one play at a time. 3) avoid big plays by Atlanta early on while pressuring their QB to do what he does not want to do. Imposing their will on Atlanta is a matter of resolve on the Seahawks part, can't wait until Sunday.
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    It is time for Bruce Irvin's big game. We need him to step up and be the number #. It is time. Go Bruce. Go Hawks!!!!
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  • GoSeaHox wrote...
    How's This For History?
    Seattle has faced the Falcons 11 times, and has an 8-3 record vs. the Falcons.
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    It is a little suspect
    That the playoff games don't move up to Prime Time slots on Saturday/Sunday nationally. I mean it's OK to have Sunday Night Football during the regular season but then playoff games don't rate it? What's the excuse? If the east coast had to watch their teams play at 10am, they'd lose their minds!
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    That was the last time, prior to 2013 that the Seahawks won on the road in the playoffs!

    The 2012/13 Seahawks are not only ignoring history, they are writing and making it according to their whims.

    "Making The Future History", wink wink, is the motto of the 2012/13 Seahawks.

    Or maybe, "Ignore The Experts"

    Either way fits these misfits from little known Seattle...

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