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Sacramento NBA owners reportedly set to sell to Seattle group
It looks like the NBA could be on the way back to Seattle. A new report says the owners of the Sacramento Kings are finalizing an agreement to sell the Sacramento Kings to the investment group led by Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Twitter Wednesday morning.
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  • flipper wrote...
    What to name the new Team?
    King County Sonics? (retains the names of both teams that way). Seattle Sonic-Kings (Hyphenated names seem to be all the rage today, see Green-Ellis, Rodgers-Cromartie, etc.).
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  • colt45 wrote...
    Clevland Browns!
    Are you crazy! Rename them the Supersonics of course just like the Browns did when they came back.
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  • pastor wrote...
    I agree with "SuperSonics". We already have one King County team (OKC Thunder: Originally King County). Goooooooo Supes.)
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  • killawhale425 wrote...
    No way!
    I almost clicked 'Report this as abuse' to that comment!
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  • Saltchucker wrote...
    If they play in King County
    Undoubtedly the taxpayers will up the ante we already pay to a widow/estate and rename the squad the "Martin Luther Kings" at Supersonic Court.
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  • grow up/get real wrote...
    Seattle SuperSonics
    Ya baby!!!!
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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    Stats and such
    Here is what I am still wondering....when we get a team back, do we get our trophy back to display in our new arena? And our banners and stats? I thought when we retained the Sonics name, we would have been able to keep our banners and tropy as well. It was earned by Seattle and should be housed in Seattle.
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  • egTman wrote...
    Name rights
    I believe the name, colors, banners, 1979 championship trophy all stayed with Seattle as part of the deal when sold to Bennett.
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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    Hope so
    Because those banners and retired jerseys should be hanging here in Seattle. And Clay Bennett has no right to displaying that trophy. I remember when they were using Sonics stats for the Oklahoma team and Barkley almost flew off his chair. I loved hearing him go off on how you cannot just take over stats from a different team.
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  • GoSeaHox wrote...
    They never left
    Seattle retained the banners, jerseys, trophies, etc. The plunder can "check them out" to display and have copies made. Bennett owns the name Seattle Supersonics, but there is an agreement, already approved by the NBA, to return it when Seattle gets a team.
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  • Ted Jones wrote...
    I almost fell off my chair laughing when I read your proposed name idea. Well played.
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  • wheelhouse wrote...
    your move Mariners
    Seahawks - playoffs (maybe SB?) Sounders - playoffs Huskies - bowl game Storm - playoffs High time for the Mariners to dip into their pockets and start buying some bats if they want to be a part of the ticket dollar conversation soon.
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  • chbeba wrote...
    New team name?
    The Kings have a much longer history as a franchise than the Sonics ever did, going all the way back to Rochester, N.Y. Oscar Robertson himself is a major part of their storied history. Success is another topic but history alone says that Kings/Royals needs to be the name, in my opinion.
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  • ron prevost wrote...
    Much as I appreciated the Big 'O' back in the day,
    The one thing we did keep from our long gone Sonics is the name.

    There is nothing sacred about franchise nick names, regardless of the LA 'Lakers'. The 76ers were the Nationals when they were in Syracruse, for example. And Both old Washington Senators teams changed names (Rangers & Twins). ..... I might drop that 'super' part, but


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  • dori monson fan wrote...
    2nd saltchucker
    martin luther kings! we can just use the new logo william rufus king county adopted in the 90s. I think the gun buy back program just lost the wind in it's sails. time for jake skorheim to do some more interstate NBA gun running!
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    Seattle Supersonics 202
    Very happy for all the fine people it will employ,not only the builders of the venue, but all the vendors, and restaurants,hotels,car rental agency's and sports bars that will prosper that the nay-sayers failed to factor into their anti-NBA/NHL blather. Thank you Mr.Hansen.
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  • tallen wrote...
    Clay Bennett Leader of the Ownership Relocation Committe
    Clay Bennett being the leader or the relocation committe is laughable it just reaffirms the collusion between the Oklahoma group and the NBA when the Sonics were stolen.
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  • Mo Gaud wrote...
    No Boudaries Anymore
    They "steal" our team, we "buy" another team. Welcome to David Stern's NBA.
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