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Sacramento NBA owners reportedly set to sell to Seattle group
It looks like the NBA could be on the way back to Seattle. A new report says the owners of the Sacramento Kings are finalizing an agreement to sell the Sacramento Kings to the investment group led by Chris Hansen and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Twitter Wednesday morning.
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  • Newton wrote...
    I think "Empty Pockets" should be the name of the Team.
    Because once all the robbing gets done thier will be alot of people with Empty Pockets!. They drained sacramento of all thier money.
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  • It's me! Ha ha! wrote...
    NBA? Eeeeeh! Not so much!
    Bring on the NHL!!!!
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  • Sean wrote...
    Something's apparently happening...
    but don't be counting your chickens, folks. Nothin's hatched yet. Cross your fingers.
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  • dbhawkfan84 wrote...
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  • Forrest wrote...
    Now for the finish...
    A little welfare for a couple of billionaires.
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  • Snout wrote...
    I miss the Alabama jump ball.
    It's a skill I don't possess and one I admire. Plus I miss the "feed the Hawk," the "get on that magic carpet and ride." and the fact that Olden Polynice and Benoit Benjamin impersonated NBA players here.
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  • Dan1 wrote...
    Don't need another DUNG PILE pro team
    The M'S have been stinking this city up for a decade. Don't trust this deal, you will be paying for it for years to come!
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