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Irvin making most of position switch
The Seattle Seahawks made the decision this offseason to move 2012 first-round pick Bruce Irvin from defensive end to linebacker after a productive rookie season as a situational pass rusher.
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Bruce Irvin
    You only get so many chances in this league before you are given the boot.
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  • saipaner wrote...
    hawk fans on the radio
    it's wonderful when hawk fans condone cheating...listen to the radio. callers and radio host are down playing the mess. if it was the niners, rams, or fans will be the first to go crazy and verbal on the radio.
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  • str8jaz wrote...
    This is the Pacific NorthWest...
    Seattle has been called the "Emerald City" but they should change their name to the 'excuse city'
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  • RWIII wrote...
    Front office
    The front office needs to address this problem with the players. There is a reason the NFL is targeting the Seahawks. Obviously there is a problem. We can't afford any more suspensions.
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