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Seahawks or Falcons: which team would you rather be?
The Falcons may have the best record in the NFL but the best team in the league right now is coming to Atlanta on Sunday.
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  • grow up/get real wrote...
    In the NFL playoffs it's all about who it hot. . .
    and the Hawks are smoking right now. Atlanta has all the pressure and everything to lose in this game. They are EXPECTED to win, yet they have a legacy of one and done in the playoffs. They have not played well in their last few games, including a home loss to Tampa Bay. If they come out tight and the Hawks jump an early lead, it's over.
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  • rajuseattle wrote...
    hi Dave nice article....
    Yeah I agree with you, Atlanta will cripple under the pressure to WIN the playoff game,if you lsiten to the interviews from Atlanta players, you will notice their level of confidence is not very high, they are scared to death to face the RED HOT seahawks in the playoff game. Sports Psychology tells me this underlying pressure on top seeds does play a very big role and more often Underdog teams like Seattle Seahawks can upset # 1 seed. My prediction for this game is , it will be a big blowout like Bills in toroto, Seahawks D will get about 3 pick 6 and we win 42-3, it will be all dominance by Seahawks D....Go Seahawks and all the Best, Go get W and be ready to travel down to Frozon Tundra.....Next week it will be GB playing aginst Seattle for NFC championship game...Go Hawks.
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  • Zoeller wrote...
    Easy answer
    The Seahawks.
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  • Inspector12 wrote...
    BEAST MODE !! and Ball control
    The Falcons struggle against teams with Mobile QB's, Check 1. Good Running Games Check 2 and Strong D.Check 3.We should see Beast Mode Go Bat Crazy on this team...Don't get me wrong Atlanta IS a Good team and Plays well at Home, But to me this is the best matchup of the playoffs for us. We should be able to do "enough" on D to Slow down that passing game to allow for our O to go to work...Long time consuming drives resulting in Points, Exhaust that falcons D and watch for another Huge 4th QTR for the Hawks offense. Keep that Falcons Offense on the sidelines..It will be close for 3 Qtr's then Hawks Finish the Deal 30-17 and bring home the WIN..Look for the Beast to have another signature run that takes the crowd out of the game.GO HAWKS!!
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  • Rasta Hawk wrote...
    Hands Down
    HAWKS WIN Thanks for playing, be safe on the way home.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    In the battle in the trenches... long as our defensive "bandaid" front and LBs can keep pressure on the Falcons OL and Matt Ryan, literally contain him in the pocket with nowhere to go, he can't simply pass. Our 2ndary has their work cut out, if a pass can get beyond 10 yards, maybe. As the 2nd half goes, the Hawks certainly know how to finish. The Falcons-who knows?! I like our chances, as long as Lynch can stay healthy footwise. We're younger and tougher, and modestly put, certainly more deserving of the Lombardi than anybody, good as they are. As you know, Mr. Wyman, it's indeed hard to humble when you're THIS good.
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  • cascadedavid wrote...
    I'll take the Hawks, Dave.
    The ability we have to pound the ball, and make big plays throughout the game I think will take its toll on them. The Hawks have so many different ways to come at them and stop them and I feel that we will be testing what works on both sides, then in the second half I can see them being a step behind trying to adjust to one gashing while we move to another... Matt and his receivers will make their plays, but as the game wears on, and they wear down I can see them taking some chances that will give us opportunities to make some big plays. I can't wait to see the game plans that Gus and Darrel will implement. Dave, you called this one a few weeks ago. You seemed like you wavered a little Monday (maybe because Clem went down). I know that we have to show up and make more big plays than them and I think that we will. We are too complete of a team for these guys. As always I really appreciate what you bring to the shows as we face each opponent. You have hit the nail on the head over and over this year, I value your ability to articulate what happens on the field, and what each of these players bring to the team. It would be awesome if you could put together a segment with you, Paul, Mack, and maybe someone like Mike Tice,or Dave Krieg, for a discussion if we go far into the playoffs. Clayton as the only non player would be good in the mix too. Starting this last off-season we could tell that this was going to be a special year. We're now where we hoped to be then, but man what a ride. Go Hawks!
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  • MainEvent wrote...
    Lets Go Hawks!!
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  • Toughact52 wrote...
    We're a very tough team to beat.......
    now that our offense has taken shape & our O-Line is playing LIGHTS OUT!NOBODY wants any parts of US right now. Reason why is that, the offense is taking better care of the ball,committing less penaties & converting on 3rd downs, which keeps the other teams defense on the field & their offense off the field. Also,we're protecting the BALL better and not TURNING IT OVER!ALL 3 phases of the game is clicking now. Offense, Defense & Special Teams.When a team is dialed in as this team is,they've shown they can turn GOOD TEAMS into ORDINARY TEAMS and BAD TEAMS into TERRIBLE TEAMS!Everytime they step on the field now, they're confident that they're going to WIN! That's their mind set and that's how they ROLL!You got to love their chances of reaching the BIG GAME! Have faith Hawk fans, the FUTURE IS NOW!
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  • WhidbeyHawkDawg wrote...
    More Wyman!
    Love your work on the radio and occasional articles, Dave. How do we get 710 to give you a permanent gig with Bob & Groz or Jim & Danny?
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