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New reports say Sacramento Kings on 'clear path' to Seattle
The latest reports in the ongoing saga of the Sacramento Kings potential move to Seattle say the owners have no interest in selling to anyone who wants to keep the team in California.
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  • sambra27 wrote...
    This comes as no surprise
    The 24-hour fitness guy supposedly was ready to put together 425 million for the team. If the Maloof's backed out of a commitment to put in hundreds of thousands (am I correct there?) into the botched arena proposal in Sacramento, it comes as no shock that they would sneer at the idea of accepted one hundred MILLION less to keep the team in CA. The report says they have no interest in selling the team to anyone who wants to keep them in CA...unless of course it comes at the right price. Up the offer to 550 million and I'm sure the Maloofs reconsider.
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  • RobertJames wrote...
    Are they going to remain the kings or do they plan on bringing the sonics name back to life.
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  • sefan1983 wrote...
    name ...
    They will go back to Sonics,
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  • rkris1 wrote...
    kidding, right?
    they'll be the supersonics, no question.
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  • calapete wrote...
    I hope this gets done soon.
    Seattle sports fans could use a good distraction and Baseball is a long ways away still.
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  • dori monson fan wrote...
    you are just too excited. here is a helpful tool that tells you when to use to or too: the one that always messes me up is when to use its or it's.
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  • FishLips wrote...
    My favorite line of this article:

    Maloofs were still seeking a way to maintain some stake in the team ... "it's a dealbreaker," and Hansen wants them completely out.

    I would rather have no team at all than to have the Maloofs any part of ownership.

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