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After 4 years, Carroll and Seahawks reach pinnacle
The guitar riffs ripped from the hotel ballroom where owner Paul Allen's band was performing and filled the lobby. Down on the lower level, Hall of Famer Walter Jones posed for pictures with exuberant fans.
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  • jstumbo wrote...
    makes me glad I was in the air during the game.
    Cant afford to replace my tv after a collapse like that in the last 30 seconds.
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  • hawkdawg88 wrote...
    The most galling aspect of it all is that this had happened before during this season. Several times. And we still couldn't fix it.
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  • dbhawkfan84 wrote...
    Only the beginning!
    The Seahawks are just getting started. Russell, Lynch, Sherman, practically the whole team is super young and bursting with talent and poise. The NFC west is gonna be the most exciting division for the next 10yrs! GO HAWKS!
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  • HockeyMom wrote...
    Young team
    You are definitely spot on. We have a young and hugely talented group of players. I am really looking forward to what we can bring this next season. They gave us all a great season to watch and seem to really feel the love of the 12th Man. Go Hawks!!
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