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The three most surprising Seahawks
I love to be surprised. At age 48, not much does, but when it happens I find it to be one of the great treasures in life.
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  • rajuseattle wrote...
    It is my Hope that PC and JS continue their good track record...
    into the NFL's 2013 draft and Free agency talent acquisitions. I like their theme for Fast, Stronger and BIG athletes, retain them with rookie contracts and then keep on acquiring good talents year in and year out , thats the success model for the storied franchises like PAtriots, Green Bay. We dont need to put lot of money of FREE agents who might be on the decline. Previous regieme was relaying a lot on the FA acquisitions and burn in PAul's money into some of the BAD contracts and thus going down into the tank in 2009. I love the job Pete and John doing here and wish them all the success in 2013 NFL draft...Go Hawks...!!!
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  • clevesside wrote...
    Nobody is more surprised, and pleasantly so...
    ...than the 12th man and supporting bloggers. At first, you might think of a slight improvement over last year, maybe 9-7 or 10-6. Nobody, maybe not even the team, saw this team coming! Quote of the year? "You mad, bro?!" Tips of the helmets all around, and roll out the barrel. Next season? I. Can't. Wait!
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  • Tree wrote...
    Couldn't agree more!!
    Watched all three play in college - love this generation of players! Outstanding addition to the Pros. Great athletes, hard workers, respect for the game, talent and just impressive young men. Way to go and I agree...incredibly surprised and thrilled with this Seahawks season! Congratulations and thanks to the Hawks organization!
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  • cascadedavid wrote...
    Dave, you've really gained a fan this year.
    Every observation that you have made has been on point all year.I can't wait to hear your take on the next phases... As much respect as I have for Mike Holmgren, I can't believe that he walked on this team and left them in the poor state that they were in. I know that he was upset about losing Hutchenson, but he was here long after, and we were left with a bunch of undersized guys who were getting injured left and right trying to compete. It almost seemed like he stopped caring... Mr. Allen really stepped up and made excellent choices, then stuck with them and brought us back from the abyss. He rarely gets credit for putting this amazing program together the way that he did...
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  • GaryDrake425 wrote...
    Pumped & Jacked
    This season was more then expected and I'm so excited to see what the draft, FA, and future bring. Hats off to the front office for putting this Beastly team together. Can't wait till April. Go Win Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!12
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