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Don't expect NBA title from Kings/Sonics any time soon
Now that it looks like the Sacramento Kings will become the Seattle Sonics, a big question is what kind of team we're getting? Suffice it to say there likely won't be an NBA championship banner hanging from KeyArena or a new Seattle Arena any time soon.
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  • Dericksh wrote...
    Curtis HS is inUniversity Place not Tacoma
    Please do not mix the two up. Shoddy reporting. Pay attention to details. No one in U.P. wants to be associated with Tacoma.
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  • dragonmeteor wrote...
    please tell me where it says tacoma in this article. The only reference to Tacoma is yours and my comment. Besides, I think Tacoma would rather not be associated with you. Or wherever ou are from
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  • Dericksh wrote...
    They changed it from Tacoma to University Place Which I appreciate
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  • *logos* wrote...
    Savvy drafts?!
    That is downright moronic. It's not hard when you steal Kevin Durant. Srsly.
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  • haggisbasher wrote...
    Im pretty sure we had Durant and Westbrook in a Sonics jersey before the sale and before the dumping of fine players like Allen to Boston.
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  • clevesside wrote...
    More to follow than this....
    ..... and I'll wait with my money before they name the coach, staff, and who's available. All said, all good going forward.
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  • Eta Huinya wrote...
    Only one coach for whatever team comes to Seattle in my opinion, that's Mac-10.
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