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Seattle planning since fall for NBA return to KeyArena
The new Seattle Sonics could play as many as 3 season in KeyArea while a new building is constructed in SODO. The city has been planning for months to upgrade KeyArena for the return of NBA basketball.
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  • cw1997 wrote...
    Why Would I
    Caret shis fool and his ilk will be the ruination of our country.
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  • manabouttown wrote...
    not really interested
    the NBA are a bunch of thugs. The game is no longer basketball. it's just a bunch of thugs who want to hang from the rim with big power dunks and don't care about basics of the game. and now, they are back to refurbing the key? seems like that is where they were a few years ago when the key couldn't hold the team anymore.
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  • Oly80 wrote...
    completely agree with you on all points.

    looking forward to hockey, though! (although, probably not at The Key.)

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  • nascarfan wrote...
    I lost interest in the NBA when the Comm. suggested to the players that should leave their guns at home when on the road. Thugs is a good definition.
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  • Steve in Bucoda wrote...
    Not that I EVER really cared about "basketball"
    or any other pro "sport". But when they began to allow these multi-millionaires to play in the olympics was the final straw. They are coming back.....Hooray???
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  • Silvervan83 wrote...
    Super excited.
    I'll be glad to have the sonics back. Its nice to have some winter sports to take my kids to. Seahawks are a little out of the price range to bring the whole clan. And who knows maybe we can get a hockey team too.
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    Trickle down
    Billionaire owner pay millionaire players to sell tickets to thousand-aire fans so hourly employee's can work, and sports bars and restaurants hire more hourly people. I love capitalism!
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  • dragonmeteor wrote...
    common sense......
    I love how you or anyone else that opposes this, has absolutely none
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  • Oly80 wrote...
    "City Councilmember Tim Burgess said investor Chris Hansen has pledged to spend $12-$15 million on some specific improvements with very little city investment."

    that place can work AS IS. the Seattle Storm were WNBA CHAMPS using The Key as their home court. AND it worked as the home of the Sonics up until 2008! i'm sure it's fine.

    if HE and HIS GROUP want upgrades...there should be NO cost to the city AT ALL.

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  • sfk360 wrote...
    Outside of the fact that the team is coming, the thing I enjoy most about this is that all of you ignorant idiots that have been spouting off "thugs" and slamming the deal without reading the MOU can do nothing about it. Enjoy ; )
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  • Oly80 wrote...
    we can complain. and not go to games. and smugly nod knowingly every time a "thug" gets arrested and/or embarrasses the team/ENTIRE NBA (like that's possible these days...).
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