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Sacramento mayor says multiple deep pockets lining up to help buy Kings
Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson said Wednesday a number of deep-pocketed investors are expressing interest in helping buy the Kings and keeping them in Sacramento.
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  • bmaddy wrote...
    Keep the Hype up!
    Shat or get off the pot already!
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  • sfk360 wrote...
    My response
    Me: Cool story bro. Too late.
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  • dbara43 wrote...
    What The Desert Princess Fails to Deal with...
    Is that no Sacramento group has a purchase and sale agreement with the Maloof's. Without one, there is no chance for another group to come in and beat out Hansen's bid. You cannot force a business owner to sell to someone he doesn't want to do business with. That would be racketeering. And if Hansen has half the brains he appears to have, there would be a clause in the agreement that would pay his group substantial damages if the Maloof's were to pull out of the signed agreement to consider another bid. What Johnson should have been doing for the last year is putting this group together FAST and making the kind of offer Hansen has already got a signed agreement on. Ultimately the NBA will never decide between Seattle and Sacramento. they will only decide if Hansen has a valid sale agreement (hint: he does). My guess is that the vote will be 29-0 when it goes down.
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  • Juust wrote...
    Minority Rejection power
    The only reason I clicked into this article is that it reported minority holders in the Franchise have the power to reject a deal. Wouldn't that mean it's ultimately in their hands? No one wants to lose money in this case, but the fans in Sac definitely want to keep the franchise there.
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  • HawksIN wrote...
    I know this is far fetched. But I'm still hoping somehow Sacramento can keep the Kings and Seattle gets an expansion team. Would be nice to start from scratch. Then There wouldn't be the mishmash of records split between the Sonics and Kings. Just Sonics!
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  • Hawkman wrote...
    No NFC title and No Kings..
    nice comment from a group of misfits. The arm pit of California trying to take credit for the Niners and trying after many attempts to save their team from leaving to a much better market. They are sold, deal signed and money changed hands, now lets go to mommy and daddy and ask them to keep them in town. Whaaa.If the NBA even conciders it, it would the last time the NBA will see Seattle a market that would want them. After what they did to Seattle and now we follow all protocals and they rip it from us agian, they will lose a lot of fans around these parts.
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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    Notice the sign in the background?
    "No NFC title"

    Wrong! Did you overlook 2006?

    "No Kings"

    Wrong again in more than 1 way! Did you overlook the fact that the original and almost accepted name for the Seahawks was the Kings? Also, did you overlook the fact, like it or not, that the Sacramento Kings are heading to Seattle, only to be renamed the Sonics?

    Both "Kings" will be playing in Seattle under more appropriate names in 2013 forward.

    Due your research if you are going to make a big public sign with a statement.

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  • soo purletiv wrote...
    Rut Roh
    Do, not "Due".
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  • C"mon Man wrote...
    Fails to address what got them to this place.
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  • Rangerhawk wrote...
    My guess
    Political side-show. The local politicians are being allowed to show their voting NBA fans how much they "care" about the team and community (plus score some $) until the deal to move is oficially announced. Not saying I blame them, just sayin it looks that way.
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  • rainierdad wrote...
    I had the same thought. My understanding is that they have a signed agreement between the Maloofs and Hansen's group. So if KJ and Sac come up with something last minute, isn't it too late. UNLESS.....the board of governers reject the move, causing the sale to back null and void, opening the door for KJ? I don't know....but will be glad when it all goes through one way or the otehr.
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